24 May 2015

Budget Laboratory Testing from Personalabs

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Are you worried that you have allergies, but know that a doctor’s visit, testing and follow-up will be too costly and time consuming? Instead you suffer with the sniffling and sneezing, hoping that it's just a seasonal thing. Or maybe you're concerned about exposure to STDs, but want a discreet and less expensive way to get peace of mind. Perhaps, you're in need of a pregnancy test or a complete female health checkup. Maybe, you want to check on that fatigue, or the effect your stressful job has been having on your body. 

Our body has its way of telling us when to slow down. We may not see the initial signs but sometimes we can feel something is wrong or unusual. Why wait for our body to give way when we can practice caution and prevention? If we can prevent now then we are assured of saving more money and most importantly, saving our health. Besides, health is wealth!

Busy Americans are finding new ways to be frugal, but at the same time there is more emphasis than ever on preventive medicine. However, people also know that it can be costly to do all the testing necessary to properly diagnose health issues before they become serious problems.

The SmartGlobalHealth.org estimates that by 2030, the number of people with Diabetes (currently more than 180 million worldwide) will double to 366 million. Cancer incidence increased globally between 1990 and 2000 and is projected to increase further by 50%, to more than 15 million new cancer patients by 2025.

Traditional lab testing can be a very time consuming and costly process (source: debt.org) It requires a visit to a doctor, the doctor ordering specific tests, patients then taking those orders to a lab facility to be completed, and then patients scheduling another follow-up visit with their doctor to get the lab results.

Personalabs provides consumers with an improved, alternative way to get those results, while saving money and time.

Personalabs management service allows patients to go their website (Personalabs.com), find the test they are interested in (more than 300 tests available), place their order and Personalabs will send them a doctor's order within 60 seconds. Questions or concerns? No problem. There are Customer Care Specialists standing-by to help.

Personalabs has doctors registered in 50 states. You print the confirmation order and take that to one of the 1,700 lab facilities located nationwide. The lab takes your sample (whether it’s blood, urine, stool or semen) and you can leave knowing that you’ve completed your part and Personalabs has you covered the rest of the way! The lab tests your sample and within 24-48 hours (some tests are more extensive and may take up to 7-10 days), you will receive an e-mail advising that your results are ready. You then sign into our secure Personalabs Patient Portal to view your results.

Benefits of using Personalabs:
  • If you require discretion, Personalabs offers a 100% confidential service-Your results are sent to your private account, viewable only by you.
  • If you need results quickly-You can place your order using a computer, mobile device (iPad, tablet or cell phone) or by calling 1-888-438-5227 to place your order with one of our Customer Care Specialists. You can visit the lab immediately and your results become available to you directly.
  • If you have little time-There is no waiting time, you do not need to book an appointment as they are not necessary. You just go to one of the lab testing centers with your confirmation order and get tested.
  • If you need to get the results to your doctor-Personalabs offers a service whereby you can share your results directly with your doctor, if you wish.
  • Using this service as part of your regular healthcare-Don’t wait for small issues to turn into big issues. Take an active role in managing your healthcare.
Personalabs accepts all major credit cards, PayPal (including Buy Now, Pay Later), Amazon Checkout, FSA cards and all pre-paid gift cards.

We currently do not accept any form of health insurance as our blood test prices are the lowest available on the market. Personalabs saves you money and is cheaper than the actual premium you would pay to your insurance provider. We do, however, offer the ability to provide you with an insurance admissible receipt. You can use that to claim back funds from your insurance company.

What are you waiting for? Take an active role in your healthcare. Get the blood tests you need and results quickly for much less than traditional testing.

23 May 2015

Nuts and Seeds That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you are one of the millions of people who have hypertension, you are probably into your maintenance or rigid diet to maintain your pressure stable or else you will have complications. Eating the right food can help stabilise your blood pressure. Medication also helps but would it be nice to enjoy good food that actually help reduce your blood pressure rather than limit your intake to bland food and very less sodium?

Here are some nuts and seeds that you can add to your meals or even snack on them for healthier reasons than grabbing the chips and sodas you can see. These nuts and seeds are not only tasty, they are also packed with vitamins and nutrients that help your arteries and blood pressure. Add them on your salad, sandwich spreads and even on oats!

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are rich in Vitamin E, the fat soluble vitamin which aids in the absorption of Vitamin K that helps in the production of red blood cells.

Pumpkin seeds

These green seeds contain high amounts of magnesium. Magnesium helps in relaxing blood vessels and it is also responsible in balancing the levels of sodium and calcium in our body.

Cashew nuts

Cashew has lower fat content than other nuts. It contains oleic acid which is the good monounsaturated fat similarly found in olive oils that helps improve heart conditions.

Almond nuts

Almonds protect artery walls. It helps lower bad cholesterol levels and improves heart conditions.

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Tips on Planning an Employee Appreciation Party

Upon first glance, a companywide employee appreciation party may seem like a complicated undertaking, but with a little careful preparation you can throw a successful and memorable event that goes off without a hitch. Here are some easy pro tips on planning a stellar employee appreciation party.

Enlist some helpers.

Going at it alone isn’t impossible but you can be surprised by how often you second guess your own decisions when planning a large event. Having a little help with your choices and getting a few extra hands to help tie up loose ends is really great place to start. Chances are you have some extremely enthusiastic and adept party planners in your staff who would love to help out and taking them on could greatly reduce any party planning stress later on.

Make a checklist.

Once you’ve elected one or two helpers, start making a check list for everything you’d like to include at your event. The most helpful list is arranged in order from what needs to be tackled right away to things that can be done last. For example, you’ll want to list picking the location for your party first while decorating for the event can be placed somewhere near the end of the list.

Pick a theme.

You don’t absolutely need to have a themed party but having an idea in place can make decisions on decorations, activities, gifts and even menu options much easier. It will help these elements look cohesive and your event as a whole look like it was planned by a pro. Your theme could center on a specific appreciation message you wish to convey or you can base it off of an activity you’d like to participate in, like a company softball tournament or relay race. If you prefer a more formal event, a charity based theme complete with a silent auction is a popular choice. Just remember to keep your attendants in mind and pick a theme that matches the overall personality of the group.

Send Email Announcements and Updates

Once you have your date, time, venue and theme chosen you can start informing your guests. Some employers like to have all the details of the event squared away so attendees merely have to show up and enjoy themselves while others prefer to get employees involved with some of the decision making, as a way of building interest. For example, if you are a little unsure of certain activities you’d like to include or the type of cuisine you’d like to serve it may help to request opinions from your staff or let them vote when you send your initial event announcement. This will show them that you want to make sure they have the best time possible at the upcoming event. When you send updates as the event gets closer it will build anticipation and interest even further.

Plan a set schedule for the event.

Arrival times, cocktail or dinner hours, speakers, award ceremonies and the end of the event should all be laid out so you can be sure the party runs smoothly. Even if something changes at the last minute, it won’t end up derailing your entire event because the rest of the schedule has been firmly set.

Choose a thoughtful, personalized gift.

Your words of gratitude at the event will be meaningful to your guests, but a customized employee appreciation gift will serve as a tangible reminder that will reinforce those words for a long time to come. You should select a gift your employees can use often or display at home or in the office. High end tech devices, like Bluetooth speakers or power banks, as well as thoughtful keepsakes, like picture frames, are popular choices. You should include your company brand and appreciation message custom printed on every gift for an added personal touch.

Save on decorations with your gifts.

If you are hosting a sit down event you may feel obligated to decorate your tables with centerpieces, which could end up taking a big bite out of your budget. This is where you can use your employee appreciation gifts to help you save. In lieu of expensive centerpieces, you can place your gifts at each table where guests will be seated, which is just as decorative but far less wasteful.

Consider raffling off prizes.

Giving out prizes at an employee appreciation party is one way to amp up the fun factor and using a raffle or a spinning wheel will give everyone a fair shake at taking home a prize. This is a great opportunity to incorporate some big ticket items that have been branded with your company logo, but don’t fit into your budget as a gift for every single attendant.

Put together an emergency kit before the event.

Remember Murphy’s Law? Whatever can go wrong, will. It doesn’t have to ruin your event, however. Before you head to your party bring a bag that is packed with tape, scissors, a stapler, extra string or ribbon, a mini tool kit, trash bags and anything you think you might need if something should go amiss. It’s always better to be safe – and prepared – than sorry.

Follow up after the event.

Send another email announcement after the party has passed to thank everyone for attending, share pictures and fond memories and, most importantly, to ask for feedback. Keep in mind that the whole purpose for your party was to honor your hard workers, so their constructive feedback should be valued and can help you when planning for next year.

If you’re thinking of planning an employee appreciation event, you are on the right track to making sure your workforce is in top performing condition. It’s a proven fact that a happy employee who feels appreciated will be a much more productive member of your business. You want your staff members to know you are grateful for their hard work and dedication and you want them to feel content at your company, so planning an appreciation party creates a win win situation for everyone involved. Nice work! Now you just have to make it happen.

21 May 2015

Here’s Why Frequent Travelers Are Usually Successful

A lot of the traits that successful people have are also the traits that frequent travelers have. Here are eight reasons why travelers often end up successful.

1. They can operate and thrive even when outside their comfort zone. Travelers are often in unfamiliar surroundings and situations. When faced with these situations, they have coping strategies that keep them calm and effective. 

2. They love and embrace change. Travelers enjoy novelty and are happy when surrounded by new people and things. This helps them focus and avoid being bored. This type of thinking and approach to life leads to creativity and innovation.

3. They’re able to manage their emotions. Travelers are faced with all different kinds of stress. They’re able to be self-aware and stay calm under pressure. This increases productivity and happiness.

4. They don’t always have to be in control. They trust that things will work out in the end. Travelers often have to rely on strangers when handling language barriers, finding their way around a new city, searching for affordable hotels in Honolulu, or taking a cab ride. Accepting that they can’t always be completely in control helps build relationships. Travelers are adept at choosing friends who are trustworthy.

5. They effectively manage their fear and are able to move past it. Success requires action. People who travel frequently put themselves in situations that they can’t simply turn back on. They face their fears regularly and develop coping actions and strategies for moving on, despite that fear.

6. They recognize opportunities and seize them. Travelers have a more broad knowledge of the world. By being exposed to different cultures and customs, they learn better ways of doing things. They can improve on their home life and find innovative ways to approach their days.

7. They know how to negotiate and they’re often able to get what they want. It’s important to negotiate when traveling in order to not be taken advantage of. They develop negotiation skills without being aggressive or pushy. This influences others and helps business professionals to accept business ideas. It’s the true mark of a leader.

8. They see beauty in situations where others may not. Travelers have trained their minds to focus on the beauty in the world. Regularly being faced with novel things keeps their brains sharp. They’re able to see beauty in even ordinary things. 

Overall, travelers have an accepting, broad view and experience of the world. This translates to success in all areas of life, including business.

18 May 2015

Music And Dreams

I have always wanted to sing and not just sing, but sing beautifully and professionally. I guess, I didn't get my dad's singing voice. However, in fairness to myself, I can sing, carry a tune but never belt out higher notes. And that's my greatest frustration.

Aside from not being able to sing beautifully, I only learned to play piano but never other musical instruments. I wanted to be an all-around band player when I was younger. My personally might deceive and you may take me as the goody-goody two shoes girl but deep inside, there's a rock chick there. Well, I have locked that inner rock chick for good. I can only wish...

So, people really find it surprising when I know rock songs and actually head-bangs along with the melody. Why not? I just admire rock bands and their music as long as the lyrics are not very dirty. I also appreciate all kinds of instruments they play including how their music is produced using various studio instruments and accessories like the bm6.

It must be nice to be given the talent to really sing. I wonder how it is like to be a singer or a rockstar.