06 October 2017

Review - DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker

I have been playing around with logo designs recently with another software which is a bit costly. That software is very in-demand for graphic artists and illustrators alike. However, if you are just starting off and you need a simple base where you can create your simple logos without the frills, then the DesignEvo Free Online Logo Maker app is the one for you.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free online logo maker application.

Who does it cater to?

I it is for everyone who has the knack for graphics, brand marketing, owns a business, has a product or company to promote, entrepreneurs, bloggers, those who cannot afford the cost of hiring professional graphic artist to create their logo, startups, and practically everyone who needs a logo.


Has plenty of fonts to choose from
Has a myriad of clip arts/graphics you can choose to add to your logo design
Very simple interface and easy to navigate
Clean interface and very straight to the point web application
It is FREE. I have to stress that.
You can download your project afterwards
Color enhancements for the elements

Why I like it:

First of all, it is a FREE web tool. I still pay a chunk of money every month to maintain my subscription to one of the leading software providers to use their applications. The DesignEvo free online web tool to create logo saves me tons of money.

This is very good because I used to buy bundles of graphics, cliparts, and fonts to create simple logos for my family and friends. Again, the cost-effectivity of this web app becomes a priority.

It is very simple and easy to use. I don't need a manual to find my way around the web tool. The other software I am using has plenty of commands to memorize or at least, get familiarize with to be able to continue with my project. I don't have to do that here.

Even amateurs or those who have no experience in logo-making can use this.

It doesn't take much space in my computer unlike the other software because DesignEvo is a cloud-based app. The only time you download is when you need your project in your laptop or PC.

Downloading is very fast.

It has a ready-made html code that you can copy if you want to feature it on your website. This saves you from coding the logo into an html readable format.

And this is my favorite, the logo you have just created becomes similar to a  "smart object" in other softwares,  when you click on the "PREVIEW."  You can view how your logo will look like if it was printed on objects like stationery, envelope, business card, shirt, mug, etc.  In the other software I use, you have to do some steps to make the graphic you created a smart object. It is not a very lengthy one but compared to DesignEvo's feature of showing it to you like how a smart object works in other design softwares. Although, your logo itself is NOT a smart object per se in DesignEvo. It just gives you that Preview feature that doesn't leave you in the dark on how good it will look like when printed or displayed in the web or gadgets.

This is my final logo design. The dot grid at the background can also be removed if you like.

What I don't like and what they can improve on:

It does not have the save option. I wish in their future enhancements, they can include a "save" option and with the save feature, they can also add various formats your project can be saved to.

Group/Ungroup feature is not available. Comparing to the other software I am using, I would prefer to have some of the design elements I have on the project to be grouped as I wish. However, DesignEvo does not have it as of this time.

I hope they can add more "brush lettering" type of fonts as I love brush lettering like a modern calligraphy. Although the current version already has handmade fonts to choose from, I still hope they can more for variety.

My recommendation:

The free online tool delivered what it should, a free, fast, and easy way to create logos without the frills, and heavy cost of other design software. I still highly recommend the DesignEvo free online logo maker to everyone who wish to make their own logo without spending at all.

DesignEvo is from PearlMountain Soft Technology, the same company that brought you numerous, easy-to-use tools like FotoJet, Photo Collage Maker, Publisher Plus, CollageIt for Mac, Videogif, and many more.

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Hiring a Mail Forwarding Service

A mail forwarding service is very useful. It enables a company to have all of their mail delivered to a specific address that is different from the company's actual location. The mail can then be forwarded to the company or its customers. There are many mail forwarding services. However, you should never make the mistake of assuming that all of these companies are exactly the same. The quality of mail forwarding service that you will receive from these companies can be very different. Therefore, you need to carefully examine each mail forwarding service in order to determine which one will be the most reliable. Here is how you can go about doing that.

1. How reliable is the company?

It goes without saying that you need your mail forwarding service to be completely reliable. After all, you are depending on this company to forward your mail to the locations that you request. A company that is not reliable might deliver the mail late. They might also send the mail to the wrong location. Needless to say, that could be a disaster for your business. This is why you need to find out the track record of any mail forwarding service that you are thinking about hiring. Is the NYC mail forwarding service known for delivering mail quickly and to the right location?

2. Talk to other business owners to find out which companies they use for their mail forwarding needs. 

It would be smart to consult with other people who run businesses that use mail forwarding services on a regular basis. Find out what their experiences have been like. What company are they currently using to forward their mail? How long have they been using that company? Are they happy with the quality of the service they have received so far? Would these people recommend that you use the same company they are using?

3. How do their rates compare to other companies in the mail forwarding industry? 

You should always avoid paying more than you need to when it comes to having your mail forwarded. Take a look at the prices being charged by all of the mail forwarding services in your area. Taking the time to do this could save you a significant amount of money. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by shopping around. You should also ask if they are willing to negotiate their price.

03 October 2017

Protect Your Home This Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, which means kids in fun costumes and tons of candy. However, it also means that there will be more pranksters and burglars out looking to cause some trouble. A majority of vandalism insurance claims are filed after Halloween, but here are some tips to protect your property so your home isn’t a target.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

1. Put your car inside. If you have a garage, it’s a good idea to keep your car in it on Halloween to avoid any potential trouble. If not, make sure it’s locked up to prevent theft or vandalism.

2. Keep your door closed after a certain time. It’s likely that the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood will be off the streets by 9, so pick a time to shut your light off and lock up. Anyone out after about 9 o’clock is likely someone you wouldn’t want to open your door for.

Photo by Rob Sarmiento on Unsplash

3. Set up your home security. If you have a home security system, be sure to set your alarms to keep vandals at bay. Follow security social media profiles, such as SimpliSafe, to keep an eye on safety tips leading up to the holiday.

4. Don’t let anyone inside. This one may seem obvious, but unless you know the visitor, do not let them into your house. You never know who might just be looking to steal something!

5. Utilize motion sensor lights. If a light goes on each time someone gets close to your house, chances are they’ll be frightened off and won’t pursue your house. Having lights outside also makes it easier for trick-or-treaters to find the path without tripping on any of your decorations.

6. Check outside before opening the door. This is a good habit to get into anyway, but it’s especially important on Halloween when there might be someone outside your door waiting to do a prank. Look through your peephole or a side window to make sure it’s safe to open the door.

7. Keep your pets inside. Although your pet may be well-mannered, it might frighten children walking around the neighborhood. Take the cautious route by keeping your pets inside.

Photo by Naomi Suzuki on Unsplash

It’s important to not only keep your property safe, but to make sure those entering your property are safe as well. Halloween is a fun and exciting day, so follow these steps to make sure your holiday is worry-free! How do you plan to decorate and keep your home safe this Halloween?

30 September 2017

Earn Extra For the Holidays

Well, the "BER" month has arrived and next thing you know it, you're wrapping your head around how to make the most of your budget with the upcoming holidays.

Will it help if I tell you that there is a FREE way to earn extra money in time for the holidays so you can add something to your budget? 

Don't break your head thinking of ways to augment your income before the holidays close in. You may want to bake but that takes up so much of your time, and you have to buy ingredients for your goodies. You may want to stitch some clothes or stuff you can sell but you need materials for that and tons of time to create the products. However, if you try what I am offering then you may just find that it is possible without having to put in a lot of time and effort, just have a wife, social media, and determination.

And here is how you'll add money to your coffer...

Be an independent distributor of Nu Skin.

Why should you join??? Watch this video.


Why you might ask? For starters, it is FREE to join. You don't need to have a stock at hand. No need to cash out for anything. Definitely no need to buy kits, and no quotas to meet while you get to enjoy a huge discount to buy the products for your personal use while you are offering them to your family and friends.

Try us and we will be here to support you. Sign up now and make the most of your time before the big holidays come! A few $$ can go a long way when you start early.

Check www.nuskin.com and see if your country of region is in the list. If so, join as a "DISTRIBUTOR" by using this Sponsorship ID PH0056536 and that is it. Leave me a comment here when you have confirmed your account so I can walk you through the process of how to start with your Nu Skin journey.

Hope to see you in the team!

25 September 2017

Ways To Add Volume To Thin Or Baby Fine Hair

** This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.**

I am one of those women whose curly hair actually deceive a lot of people. They think my hair is very voluminous because the frizz and the waviness make it look so. In reality, my hair is baby fine. It is quite thin that when I use a straightening iron, it looks very flat on my scalp. You could see my scalp right away. I get very conscious about it because when I was younger, my classmates called me "baldy." It's not a very nice thing to be teased at because it made me insecure. My hair is supposed to be my crowning glory but I didn't feel "glorious" about it for a long time. 

(This is my thin but wavy hair, and the scalp is showing in one side.)

There are many ways to improve the volume of one's thin or baby fine hair nowadays compared to my time when growing up. The hair industry has really stepped up the game for women with thin hair to not get conscious and insecure with their tresses.

Here are simple ways to help add volume to thin or baby fine hair:

Use a wig or clip ons

One way of adding volume to your thin or baby fine hair is to wear a wig. It is an instant upgrade to your hairstyle as well because you can choose from many hairstyle, length and even color. There are plenty of wigs that will surely fit your personal style and preference, and you can find them not only in beauty parlor but also on the web when you look for a wig online. And online sites like Divastress will pleasantly surprise you with the myriad of wigs they have to complement you.  I think I may need to try a wig or clip on to cover that patch of scalp that shows when I let my hair loose or straightened.

(Photos from divatress.com)

Here are few samples of clip ons you can try too:

(Photos from divatress.com)

Use volumizing products

(Photo credit: divatress.com)

Hair care products like volumizing shampoo and conditioner can add volume to your thin hair.  These products gently cleanses your hair and scalp without leaving your hair heavy and flat. 

Blow dry your hair upside down

                                                          (Photo credit: divatress.com)

This method helps build volume while drying your tresses because it allows gravity to lift your hair. You can also spritz a small amount of hair spray to set your hair before flipping your hair back.

Take vitamins supplement for hair

You may want to check with a doctor to see if there is an underlying condition for your thin hair. Your doctor may prescribe you to drink vitamin supplements containing Vitamin B, Niacin, Biotin, Iron, and Zinc which are all needed by your to be properly nourished with the right nutrients for a healthy hair.

Try switching your part

Maybe you have been wearing your part on one side of your head for the longest time, and it has already flattened to that side. Try switching part and see an instant lift and volume on your hair because the new part helps the hair get lifted away from the scalp. 

Have a hair cut

There are certain cut that works best for thin, flat, baby fine hair - layered cut. Layers allow shorter hair to get a ready lift making your hair voluminous. If your hair is very long, it tends to get flat in time due to the wait. Try having a hair cut up to mid length or shorter hair cuts to provide an instant lift.  These kinds of hair lengths do not drag your hair down.

These are just few of the ways you can add volume to your thin or baby fine hair. If you want an instant lift, a change of look or even an upgrade of your hairstyle and you want to playful and experimental, I will suggest trying the wig and other clip ons on your tresses. It is a great way to get your look updated, confidence restored, and just enjoy your new look all in all.