20 May 2016

The Many Crafts You Can Make With Cricut

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Are you a big crafter? Do you make crafts as a hobby or as part of your income generating scheme? Whatever the reason is for your love in arts and crafts, it is really nice to engage in creative pursuits. And Cricut is one of the great tools out there to help you out with your crafts, especially paper crafts.

Cricut is one of the leading paper cutting machine out there. You can make many things with this cutting machine because it can cut paper, vinyl, felt and even fabric.

You can make boxes, vinyl cutouts, cards, business cards, stickers, and many more! If you are tired of cutting stuff the hard way, give yourself this fabulous cutting machine now! Avail of their special offer too!

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13 May 2016

Cool Summer Footwear

It is becoming undeniable here in the Middle East that summer is upon us. The wind blows very hot and dry. The next thing we know is that we are sweating profusely. We are sure that this year's summer will be hotter than ever.

We won't let the heat beat us down! No we won't! We can enjoy summer without feeling too hot and sweaty on casual days. So, dress lightly and also upgrade your footwear to something that will allow air to circulate to prevent moisture/perspiration build-up.

Here are some top summer footwear to have this season:


Kids' Flip Flops - Black

The ubiquitous flip flops never go out of style. It is the norm in resorts, on lazy weekends with family and friends, and for some hip people who just love to let air flow around their feet area. I can't blame them because the flip-flops are one of the best summer footwear to wear to feel and look so cool! This Kids' Flip Flops - Black is a classic example.

Huaraches and other sandals

(Photo credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huarache_(shoe))

Huarache is a type of a sandal made in Mexico. The huaraches are handwoven leather straps stitched on thin wooden soles, some on woven string soles.  Huarache is also translates to sandal in English.


(Photo credit: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espadrille)

These are beautiful canvas shoes made of cotton fabric and jute rope soles. They originated from Spain. It is a lightweight footwear. I remember wearing this when I was younger. I really love this type of footwear.

08 May 2016

PUR Tablet Stand Review

I bought this product with a huge discount in exchange of my honest feedback.

I am surprised with the design and smooth movement of this PUR tablet stand with clamp. For starters, my mini iPad already has a case that is tight and I couldn't remove anymore. But placing my mini iPad even with the case on was never an issue as the PUR tablet stand holder securely held my gadget in place. The holder ha a silicone guard that won't scratch your gadget and will hold it firmly on place even when you tinker like I did with my iPad. I was playing farming games while my mini iPad was on the PUR tablet stand and it didn't move much.

The stand can handle many types of gadgets. My mini iPad and iPhone 6 fits just right. It can also fit other smartphones and tablets like Samsung, Kindle, and other gadgets between 6"-11" diameter screen.

It has two types of clamp to fasten it securely on your table or anywhere you want to clip it. I have the clamp type. The other one comes with suction cup base if you prefer to buy that. The clamp base was fastened tightly on the side of my study desk. It has a knob at the top of the clamp to tighten or loosen.

It can swivel to 360 degrees. The gadget holder can tilt while the arm of the stand can be retracted or pushed back near the body.

The products comes with 3 hex screwdrivers.

I really like this tablet stand. It is perfect for my use!

This is available to be purchased here: http://getpur.com/mountstand.html

07 May 2016

Ways To Engage Your Readers In Your Blog

Blogging is a wonderful pastime for most bloggers I know. Some consider it their other income generating activity while others do it as a full time job. No matter what your intentions for blogging, the paid opportunity that comes with it is not only the factor to consider when running your own blog.

There are many things to note to be able to keep the momentum of your blog. You should be able to also generate a good amount of traffic and keep your readers engaged that they are willing to stay longer in your blog and read more.

Here are some ways to engage your readers in your blog:

Offer tips

Most blogs have their own niche. If yours belong to a specific niche and you are an expert on that niche, offering tips or how-to's is a nice topic to write your post about.

Write clearly 

Be concise. Readers do not like to read very long entries. If you need to write lengthily, break down your post into parts. That way, you are sure that your readers will come back for the next installment.

Have a clean and easy to navigate blog template

Readers prefer to stay longer on sites that are clean and easy to navigate. Use a layout that is usually easy to view as the eyes are drawn naturally in the middle of your site. Put your top post right in the middle and near the top for easy visibility.

Write a good title

When you write your blog title, make sure that your title will actually deliver the content you have promised.

Make use of other media to publish your content

Don't just write post. You can also post videos of instructions or how-to's. If you are good with graphics, why not entice your readers with a very informative infographic.

Add photos in your post

I love reading articles from other blogs that I visit especially when there are photos or illustrations. It just draws my attention to the photos and I get curious so I read the whole thing. Adding visual aids help readers to digest the content of your blog and they may even pin them if they have Pinterest.

(Sample of pin embedded to your blog post to add photos and make your article pop.)

Talk to your audience

Try to ask questions, inject personal stories related to your article and add quotes.  Putting up content is not enough. You should also be able to engage with them by replying when they leave comments.

Be credible and give credit where it is due

When there is something nice that you have included in your article like a quote or a photo, be sure to give credit where it is due. If there is an article that you love to share in your blog, secure the written permission of the author to repost in your blog. Do not copy articles nor plagiarise. That is not a good thing to do. Always give credit or cite your sources.

(Sample of embedded twitter quote you can add to your blog when you are featuring something related.)

There are more ways to engage your readers in your blog. You can leave some tips in the comments box.

05 May 2016

LiquidSavvy's 18 oz Double Wall Insulated Bottle Review #LiquidSavvy

The LiquidSavvy 18 oz is the baby amongst the LiquidSavvy double walled insulated steel bottles.  I already have the 32 oz which is wider and can make more cup of hot coffee and tea than I could ever need for a day. However, the smaller sized 18 oz is cuter and just enough for my day to day caffeine fix in the office.

Just like the bigger sized LiquidSavvy, the 18 oz bottle can also keep my beverage hot for a long time. I poured boiling water in my 18 oz LiquidSavvy bottle at 7 a.m. and still managed to make decent hot tea around past 6 pm! I am really very happy with that.

It has the same features as the bigger bottle. It also comes with 3 caps: twistable cap with silicone ring for easy twisting, a sippy cap and one that is integrated with a carabiner.

The 18 oz bottle is 2.9 inches in diameter at the bottom and 8 inches tall with the lid.  This one is a decent size for me that I can take in the office. It makes 2 cups of hot tea or coffee and I am okay with that. And because it is barely 3 inches in diameter, I can perfectly put it inside my tote bag.

Opening the lid is never an issue with this smaller bottle. Holding this bottle is also easy even with a small grip as mine. However, the bigger sized bottle can be a challenge for me.

My 18 oz LiquidSavvy bottle comes in black colour and it is nice which will go with anything - style wise.

This is available at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019PEGSN4