26 September 2016

High-End Headphone for Christmas

Yes, it's only September but I am one of those people who start their Christmas list as early as the "Ber" month enters. That is me! And nothing's wrong with that.

I am thinking of gift items to list down for family and friends this time. It's not as lavish as the previous Christmases we had since mum's no longer here with us to celebrate the joyous and blessed occasion. Knowing my mum, she loved the holidays so I am sure she would love for us to celebrate Christmas to honour her memory of showering all of us with her love... and gifts.

I am eyeing some stuff for particular people in my life, especially my daughter. She's into collecting headphones so this one is so perfect for her. It's a v-moda m-100 noise isolating headphone so she will love this a lot!

(Photo not mine/credit to guitarcenter.com)

I think my husband, who loves listening to music, will fancy one too!

24 September 2016

Autumn Favourite Things

I can't deny it. I'm pretty biased when it comes to seasons. I love the cooler months leading to winter. I enjoy wearing warm clothing and parading my boots around. I am an autumn/winter kind of girl.

With the coming of Fall Season, I cannot help but smile and remember all my favourite things about the season. I may live in the middle of a very hot continent but my family and I always make it a point to visit the US every Fall, almost towards Thanksgiving and spend the holidays there when our vacation permits.

So, to honour the onset of Fall, here is a little illustration of my favourite things about Fall. And they are all about warm colours, nice warmer clothing, and lots of pumpkins!

(artwork by ©Ria Cervantes/riablahgs.com)

21 September 2016

Hello Autumn 2016!!!

Yes Summer, it's time for you to say good-bye for now and let the beautiful Autumn roll in. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and the vista around us will start to change.

Autumn or Fall is one of my favourite seasons after Winter. I just love the cooler months leading to Winter. I like seeing lots of warm colours, smelling pumpkin spices everywhere and getting cozy in my nice cool jackets.

There's something about Autumn that captivates me aside from the pleasantly acceptable cool weather. Autumn changes the foliage colour into warm shades of yellow, orange, brown and deep red. A good drive in the countryside will bear lots of photo ops for the nature lovers and photographers out there.

So, good bye hot summer months and hello cool Autumn!

(artwork by ©Ria Cervantes)

20 September 2016

Review of binarybroker.guru

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In truth, you should be aware of binary options platform providers who offer transparent trading stipulations. This site has a distinctive trading platform and the very best binary options education center that is friendly so far. Should you opt-in to trading industry, you can use this as your start up tool in learning more about the industry.

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Brokers which process a broad selection of deposit options are inclined to be a whole lot simpler to employ and are usually readily available for lots of people. As a result of higher returns and superior risk binary possibilities, binary possibilities brokers, in many cases are called untrustworthy. Consequently, various regulatory bodies are formed to regulate binary alternatives and Forex activities.

Working with binary options successfully relies in huge part on experience. In regards to binary possibilities, there are several binary possibilities trading strategies which you can trade from. Binary options are a new means of trading offering huge upside, while being very easy to understand and hence well suited for beginners.

If you're a novice binary options trader, it is vital to assess the broker's credentials before fixing up one. With respect to binary alternatives, the underlying assets change from broker to broker. In addition it’s true which you are likely to seek out average and underperforming binary options brokers on the market. It is necessary that you select a broker which offers a variety of binary trades and wouldn’t limit your understanding too.

19 September 2016

Using Crowdfunding to Raise Money for a Family in Need

When we learn about a struggling family in your community, deep down inside we all have a desire to help our friends in need. That’s what being a good neighbour is all about. It’s also part of human nature.

Families can find themselves in dire need of financial assistance for a wide variety of reasons. As an example, maybe a young member of the family was recently diagnosed with cancer and medical insurance is not going to pay for their entire cancer treatment. In a situation like this, in order to help save the young person’s life, the family will take whatever aid they can get to help the youngster get treated and beat their illness.

When we hear about situations like this, many of us will do everything that we can to support this family during their time of need. On the other hand, if you’d really like to help the family and provide serious financial assistance, the best way to pull this off is through online fundraising via crowdfunding.

Learn about the five step process that we feel all families in need should immediately implement.

5 Steps Online Fundraising Process for Families in Need

1.      Discover the best way that fundraising can serve the family – if you are not a member of the immediate family, it’s up to you to determine the best way to help the family in need via online fundraising. Contact them and tell them about how you want to help. Let them know that you want to create a crowdfunding page on their behalf. Respectfully ask them about the biggest challenges they are going to face during their time of need and ask them how financial support might help them ease their difficult burden. After speaking with them a few times, you’ll be able to begin to set up a page on the crowdfunding platform of your choice, for example Plumfund, and compassionately tell their compelling story. And you’ll also be able to ask for specific funds and provide an explanation as to why this money would help.

2.    Choosing the perfect fundraiser name – finding the right name for the fundraising campaign is also an important step in the process. It’s always best to use the word “family” within the title because it helps to better explain the situation. A great example of a positive crowdfunding title is “Help Mary Murphy’s Family”.

3.    Creating the perfect fundraising description – fundraisers that are oriented toward helping families must gain visibility within the local community in order to achieve the right level of awareness. Without visibility, you’ll never reach your overall fundraising goals and you won’t be able to help the family as much as you desire. When creating the description, use words that people will most likely look for when looking to donate to worthy causes. Make sure the name is clever so that people become inspired and interested. Finally, make it descriptive and add plenty of details to attempt to attract a diverse audience.

4.    Use photos and videos to increase understanding – photos and videos will really help to spruce up the donation page. Plus, when people get to look at pictures and watch videos of the family, their hearts will instantly open up and they’ll feel more compelled to donate to the cause.

5.     Use social media to spread the word – the best way to gain traction and hopefully make the campaign go viral is to share it through social media. When the page is shared on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites, plenty of people will begin to see it and before long donations will start pouring in.


Using online fundraising to help a family in need is really easy when you follow our five step process. To become a real hero to a desperate family in your community, please follow our guidance and help them with online crowdfunding today.

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