24 July 2016

Discover a Sexy New One Piece this Summer by Shopping Online

Summer is heating up quick and it is the perfect time to start shopping for that perfect bathing suit. The best part about today's fashion is that the industry is revolutionizing! Plus sized models are popping up in every magazine, from Vogue all the way to Seventeen magazine. You don’t have to look far to see plus sized model Ashley Graham, as she is one of the most beautiful women to walk the runways. According to ABC News, if you look to“runways, in stores, even in the pages of this month's Vogue magazine, the plus-sized woman is finally getting some fashion respect.” With all of these plus sized fashion trends abuzz, it is important to remember that plus sized swimsuits are so much more readily available now, and will make women feel confident and sexy in her skin. 

It can be tricky walking into a department store trying to find a plus size swimsuit that fits a woman nicely, and makes her feel confident. Luckily, buying swimwear online has become a huge fashion trend, and online retailers are all over the place now thanks in part to the work of Ashley and other body positive spokeswomen like her. Now, a person can find the perfect bathing suit in sizes 8 to 34, which has always been difficult to do in department stores in years past. It will not only expand your options shopping online, since you can
check out the latest styles in a one piece swimsuit from your couch or chair, but the right swimsuit can also be shipped right to your front door.

Bathing suits that are trending right now are perfect for all different shapes and sizes. Have you seen the
high-waisted bikini? It’s not only flattering, but it is super trendy and fashionable! Also, tankinis, which cover most of the belly, are all the rage, so if you feel a little uncomfortable in your skin, it offers just the right amount of coverage to still make you feel sexy in a bathing suit. Not only are these two styles very popular right now, but one-piece suits are making a comeback as well in the fashion world. An online retailer such as swimsuitsforall will have a lot of plus-sized options to choose from and offer a wide range of one piece and tankini bathing suits that look unbelievably sexy, but are still comfortable.

Even though right now it is the perfect time to buy a bathing suit because summer is coming up, online retailers have made it possible to buy all different styles of swimwear throughout the year, no matter what the temperature is. This is so important because you always want to have the perfect bathing suit packed for Spring Break or whatever vacation you are planning!

Thanks to small revolutions in the Fashion Industry, now is the time to start embracing all the curves that you have! You can now feel confident and beautiful in whatever season it is because of online shopping. You will be able to find the perfect bathing suit for your body type regardless of what shape or size you are! 

23 July 2016

Summer Wedding Dresses In Style

Summer may be scorching hot but it's not a reason to deter a couple's vow to get married in style. There are many themes to consider if you decide a summer season wedding. And they are fun, colourful, and definitely stylish!

The bride can choose from the many hues of summer, from bright yellow to bright red or she may want to stay conventional with the usual white formal wedding gown with hints of bright colours for her wedding invitations, bridal entourage, flowers, lights, and favours.

To achieve that summer look,  here are some wedding dresses to choose from to celebrate a love as hot as the summer sun!

Bright and Bold

Summer is not just mercury rising, splashes in the pool, and taking a good tan. Summer is also about colours. It is mostly depicted with warm hues like orange, tangerine, yellow, pale red, and even green and blue.

Photos credit: www.bridalguide.com

Short and Sweet

Summer's temperature can be unrelenting so the bride may choose a short wedding dress to match the hot season. Here are some short wedding dresses that you can find when you check formal dress australia.

Photo credit: amandadress.com.au

The Mismatch

How about giving the rein to your entourage and let them select their own style of bridesmaid gowns while following your colour motif? Won't that be fun?

Photo credit: Robyn Van Dyke from theknot.com

Make it Tropical

You can find beautiful, summery gowns in the internet too as they are teeming with many styles of wedding dresses. You can search for formal dresses online and you will get plenty of yield that will make you want to get married right away! Check the many styles and designs online and see what best fits your theme and preference of style.

Photo credit: www.bridalguide.com

16 July 2016

Christmas in July in Cricut

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It's only July and it's still 5 months away until Christmas. Usually, crafters like myself start preparing holiday crafts by October or November so there's enough time to make handmade cards, holiday decors and handmade and personalised gifts. However, starting your very own holiday craft as early July will be ideal and achievable. Do you know why? Well, Cricut is having a blast of Christmas stuff in July!

It's never to early to start with your holiday crafts and you can do that now in July with Cricut. Cricut is offering plenty of resources you can use for you holiday projects, be it holiday box-making, embellishments for your cards and crafts and even Christmas ornaments.

Where do you begin with your holiday projects? Well, you can get inspiration from Cricut's Christmas category. From there, you can choose which one appeals you and make plenty so you don't run out of holiday stuff to go around.

You can download cutting shapes and kits from Cricut too for your projects. And these are just few of the many things you can do as early as now. So, take advantage of this fabulous offer and Celebrate Christmas in July with great deals at Cricut!

15 July 2016

Chic and Vintage Fashion At StyleWe

Are you one of those who are old school and loves chic and vintage style of clothing? I am so it is a very pleasant surprise to find a site that sells plenty of my favourite type of clothing and accessories - timeless and classic.

StyleWe is a fashionable site where you can find timeless classic and vintage type of clothing. They also carry plenty of styles that will cater to other fashionistas' preferences whether they are ultra modern, chic, glam or old style like my taste.

(My type of clothing from StyleWe)

The fashionable site also offers many types of clothing such as dresses, outerwear, pants, skirts, and even bags! So, if you fancy unique, glam and ultra chic handbags, you can check out StyleWe's collections.

(Fancy a cat purse?)

StyleWe offers free shipping for your purchase of more than $60. They also have flash sale tab where you can scour a lot of savings on products that are on sale.

Navigating the site is fairly easy. The interface is simple and not too flashy. The photos of products are presented in crystal clear manner and where there are options for other colours, you get to see them flash too without having to click on the product.

Check out StyleWe.com for their eclectic collection. For the vintage and old school glam and chic lovers, you will find many outfit that will fit your taste to a T!

(Photo credit: stylewe.com)

25 June 2016

Disney And Coach Collaboration For Fashionable Leather Goods

I love Disney! I love Coach! And when two of my favourites join together, they make beautiful pieces of fine fashionable art in terms of bag designs, wallets, clothing, and other accessories. The collaboration of Disney and Coach has been dubbed as Disney x Coach. Mickey, the frontrunner in the famous Disney franchise will be in the designs, including the shirts, sneakers and small accessories for the bag. Although the clothes, and sneakers will only be produced in limited quantities, the Disney x Coach collection is also limited.

The bags are made out of fine glovetanned leather, metal fittings, and canvas lining. You can visit Coach's website to view more of their collection. Here are some of the Disney x Coach collection:

(Photo credit: all photos are from www.world.coach.com)