15 December 2017

Tips To Find The Perfect Yoga Mat For You

At the base of every practice is your mat. It represents more then just a place to practice, it represents your space in the world, as well as a space for yourself. With such important responsibilities, we owe it to ourselves to select a mat that makes the absolute most of our practice.

While there is no universal perfect mat that will match every single persons needs, there
 are a few key factors to pay attention to when selecting the perfect mat for you:
Grip - The mat shouldn't slip or slide during practice. Slipping and sliding is both harmful to your practice and potentially to yourself, especially with slippery studio floors mixed with sweat. Your mat should hold tight and keep up with the demands of your practice without sliding
Comfort - Especially if you have sensitive joints, pay attention to how much thickness you require. While some people will require more support, everyone should make sure their mat has enough padding to protect from possible injury.

Maintenance - Your perfect mat should be easy to clean (wipe down) and should keep in good shape after consistent use. Many mats look pretty at first but after use 5 times a week for a year, your mat can really show its age quickly. We're looking for low maintenance, high retention.
Portability - While many people do practice yoga in their own homes, a majority of yoga practice happens everywhere from a studio, to parks, to beaches. A versatile yogi should have a versatile mat. If you only practice in studio or home, you might require a less durable, thicker mat, but if your practice varies you probably want something that is thin enough it is easy to roll and made of a more durable material.

Preference and Budget - Not everyone has a lot of money to throw down on a mat, or might just be starting and unsure of how committed they are yet. By no means do you need to spend a lot of money to get a high quality mat. Additionally, if how a mat is made or what the company stands for matters to you, you should definitely take that into consideration. It will be difficult to really commit to your practice if at the base of it is a mat you couldn't afford or don't truly love.

If you're looking for a place to begin your journey of finding the perfect mat this is a good place to start – https://www.reviews.com/best-yoga-mat/

08 December 2017

Tips On Remodeling Your Home

A house is many things. It’s the place where people spend their lives and raise their children, yet it’s also a place that can take on plenty of wear and tear as time goes on. A house is also a major financial and emotional investment, and it’s one that needs plenty of upkeep in order to keep its value. All of this is why, for many homeowners, there comes a day when the obvious signs of wear and tear in a home can get a little too obvious for comfort. Yes, paint chips, carpets stain and floor tiles break, and there does come a day when a homeowner finally says, it’s time either to move or do a remodel on the place. So, why not explore the possibility of remodeling?

Planning Ahead

The key to pulling off a successful remodel is to plan ahead. There are lots of great ideas available for inspiration from online websites and home decor magazines. These can offer great ideas for paint colors, carpeting and other details that can make a remodel truly divine. Once an initial plan idea has been sketched out, it’s time to find home improvement contractors who can make the remodel idea come to life.

Finding The Right Contractor

In years past, locating a great contractor could be challenging for people not in the construction business. Today that job is much easier, as there are numerous high quality online sites dedicated to offering listings of local contractors. These sites are easy to use, and they show the contractor’s past work samples and client reviews, all of which make it easy to find someone who fits the prospective project.

When the right candidate is found, a free phone consultation can be arranged to discuss the project details at length. If the contractor seems the right choice, an agreement can be signed off on, and the real work can begin.

Why wait for that dream house to finally present itself? With help from an experienced home improvement contractors, you can make that dream a reality, by planning a great remodel. So what are you waiting for? Start planning today.

06 December 2017

The Gymboree Holiday Gift Ideas For The Little Ones

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

This Holiday Season is the best time to be a kid. I wish I am right now! Imagine all the gifts under the tree for them to ransack come Christmas Day? I still remember the feeling with bated breath. I love seeing my daughter's eyes lit up when she opens her presents. And the same thing goes for my nephews and nieces because the Holidays are meant for children to celebrate and enjoy the spirit of gift-giving and sharing of blessings.

Since toys are becoming very common as gift options, why not spice things up with something stylish this year?  Did you give out toys last year for your kids or young nephews and nieces, or even cousins? If toys are out of the option this year, why not give them stylish outfit that they can wear all year through?

Gymboree has the best collection for stylish, and fashionable outfits for the young people in your life. They have clothes for babies, toddlers, and kids up to 14! Now is the right time to purchase gifts for the young ones as Gymboree is also offering 50% off on their best holiday styles so you can get your budget stretched and dress up your little munchkins with style!

Gymboree Sale On Now!

Here are some outfits you can find in Gymboree and they are suitable to be mixed and match to complete a look you want to achieve for your little ones.

Princess onesie

To complete the look, mix and match with these:
Baby Coral Tutu Leggings

Bow Tie Top

Ruffled socks and Gold Crib Shoes

How about getting a set for kids?

Start with this cute Sparkle Owl Tee and Gem Jeggings

Then complete the look with these gorgeous add-ons:

Twill Moto Jacket (I love this one! I wish they have for "mommy" size.)

Sparkle Booties and a cute pair of Cupcake socks

And check out these amazing holiday outfits for Boys too!

Do you have a Star Wars Fan in the making? Start off with this cute Star Wars Tee for Toddler Boys.

And complete the look with these:

Color Lace Sneakers and Cute Stripes Socks

Funflex Jeans

R2-D2 Hoodie Jacket

Enjoy shopping!

04 December 2017

Holiday Gift Ideas from Nu Skin

Thanksgiving just went by and we are preparing for the next major holiday that is coming - Christmas. We should be preparing our holiday list even with our busy schedules to avoid the rush few days leading to Christmas.

If you know plenty of family members, and friends, or even colleagues who love products that can help with their skin care, oral and personal hygiene, and healthy lifestyle, then check out these simple gift ideas I have come up with from Nu Skin products.

Personal hygiene kit

You can give any combination of these products to form a personal hygiene kit. These products are perfect for those who love to care for their personal hygiene or are always on the go so they can take these products along as well.

(Whitens/lightens teeth, removes tea and coffee stains)

(Scion deodorant, can lighten armpits **may not be available in other Nu Skin global markets)

(Feminine wash)

***Some products may not be available in your country like the Scion Deodorant Whitening.

Insta-mood uplift and de-stress kit

This kit will be the perfect gloom buster. The  diffuser releases mist containing water and special Epoch ... oil to help improve your mood, relax your mind and muscles, and ease your stress level.

Some oils can also help with sinusitis and nasal and chest congestions.

Foot spa care kit

Save your family member and friends the time (and money) to get some foot spa done. Make them enjoy the regimen at home with these Nu Skin foot care products.

(Sole solution, perfect for cracked heel)

Hair care kit

Let your gift receiver's hair shine gloriously with these Nu Skin hair products that will surely wow them.

(Renu Hair Mask)

(Epoch Shampoo and Light Conditioner)

Beauty and skin care kit
Do you know someone who loves to keep primping themselves? Then these beauty products will be the perfect go-to for the glam gal.

(Face lift pack with applicator)

(Tri-Phasic White system helps lighten skin with regular use)

Anti-blemish kit

Have teens with skin blemishes? How about an adult friend who is suffering from one? These Nu Skin products target problematic skin issues most of use have or have had in the past. These products can treat your blemish and give your a clear skin with proper and regular usage.

(Epoch Blemish Treatment, perfect for acne/pimple)

(Nu Skin Clear Action System for acne treatment)

Nu Skin is a leading beauty, personal care, and health supplements company based in the USA. The company offers high-quality products that are effective and truly beneficial to your beauty and health.

Where to order?

Visit www.nuskin.com to purchase but you will need to create a customer account using my Distributor Number PH0056536 to create a free customer account.

For Philippines clients, please email me at mommaglama at yahoo dot com for your orders.

You can also earn here if you want to become a distributor.  Just visit the site, www.nuskin.com and select the region/country where you are a resident then click register as a new member. Joining is totally FREE! Use my Distributor Number to complete the registration process: PH0056536

Enjoy your purchase and Happy gifting! Happy Holidays!

***Some products may not be available in your country.

15 November 2017

The History Of Challenge Coins

The value of challenge coins and symbolism it takes with it is very well known to everyone having some connection with the military.

But how did the challenge coins become so popular among younger generations less familiar with military terms?

Good question!

We might as well blame Activision and their popular video game franchise Call of Duty, specifically its Black Ops iteration which uses challenge coins to to let gamers know they have unlocked achievements within the game, for rising popularity of challenge coins today amongst the youth.

From this perspective, some of the most common questions regarding challenge coins would be:

  • What are the the origins of challenge coins?
  • Are there any uniform dimensions for a challenge coin?
  • What coin holder is the best when it comes to stashing a coin in it?
  • What’s the general purpose of challenge coins in the military?

Sounds a little superficial for such honored and valued object, doesn’t it? This gets more important if you are aware of the metaphorical meaning of these coins and the importance of the small wins on both professional and individual life.

In that sense, the latter sometimes seems easier to invest in, since, if you work hard, the reward is right there at your reach - a thing that doesn’t happen in real life. Unsurprisingly, the work management literature has actually been able to name the things that motivate people on work. No, it’s not incentives, but growth, recognition and responsibility.

In other words, the most motivated people to work aren’t the ones that are best paid but those who feel that are respected. These people tend to feel more productive and are in general happier. The power of small wins is extremely important as it will impact the behaviour of the individual on many different levels - professional and private as well.

But, if you still don’t agree 100% on this one, then you might just get familiar with how challenge coins originated and what it really meant for someone to be presented with a challenge coin back in the day.

Challenge Coin Origins

There are lots of different theories on when and how challenge coins originated in the first place.

Maybe the most common theory dates back to the World War I. To be more precise, it is believed that challenge coins were first presented when the US decided to enter the war in 1917, and when US flying squadrons were sent out to the continent to join allied forces in their struggle with German troops.

Legend has it that one rich lieutenant of the flying corps ordered four bronze coins with flying squadrons logo engraved on it and gave a coin to each one of the members of the unit.

Allegedly, that very same lieutenant was gunned down by the Germans on the front and was forced to land his aircraft behind enemy lines. After German troops captured him, they stripped him of his documentation and made him a prisoner of war.

However, the U.S. lieutenant managed somehow to escape and to pass frontline on foot to reach French troops on the other side of the front. Because he didn’t have any ID on him, French suspected him to be a German spy and ordered his execution.

Finally, the bronze coin saved his life as he reached out to his pouch and showed them the coin that he purchased before he took off for Europe. The French soldiers saw the emblem of the U.S. Army and spared his life. This gave him enough time to contact his headquarters and prove his identity.

Challenge Coins Today

As we can see, challenge coins origins are very closely related to acts of courage and valor. Challenge coins can serve as a way of recognition and showing affiliation to a certain movement or a group.

Therefore, lots of non-military groups today practice presenting custom challenge coins to their honorary members.

We find examples of giving challenge coins as a way of showing respect and recognition even in professional sports associations like NFL or Nascar today.

These can be also given in order to motivate and further engage employees of large corporations to give their best and align their own interests with the goals of the company they work for.