25 June 2016

Disney And Coach Collaboration For Fashionable Leather Goods

I love Disney! I love Coach! And when two of my favourites join together, they make beautiful pieces of fine fashionable art in terms of bag designs, wallets, clothing, and other accessories. The collaboration of Disney and Coach has been dubbed as Disney x Coach. Mickey, the frontrunner in the famous Disney franchise will be in the designs, including the shirts, sneakers and small accessories for the bag. Although the clothes, and sneakers will only be produced in limited quantities, the Disney x Coach collection is also limited.

The bags are made out of fine glovetanned leather, metal fittings, and canvas lining. You can visit Coach's website to view more of their collection. Here are some of the Disney x Coach collection:

(Photo credit: all photos are from www.world.coach.com)

17 June 2016

USANA's Proflavanol C For My Sinus

I have a chronic sinusitis. It has been like that for as long as I can remember. So, most days of the year, my sinus is blocked and I find it difficult to smell because my sinus is usually blocked and it's affecting my olfactory sense.

I am taking Vitamin C regularly. I feel that is not enough.  I still have blocked sinus. I tried using nose drops to unclog my sinus cavity and also prevent the pressure that builds up and causing my migraine most of the time.  This has been my cycle for many years. Unfortunately, I cannot take medication to relieve my sinusitis pain due to allergic reaction to most medications. I have to make do with whatever helps, albeit temporarily.

I want to get our of that cycle. I'm getting tired already. I want to drink something that will actually work and I have to do it quick because the season is changing. I don't want to keep blowing my nose to clear my nasal passages.

USANA's Proflavanol C is my answer.  I have been taking some of USANA's supplements but this is the first time I have taken Proflavanol C. I started drinking 1 tablet a day since January this year and I am pleasantly surprised with the results.  Seriously, I should have taken this before and I could have benefitted from the good results earlier.

Sinus-wise, I feel a lot better.  Why, you must ask? Here they are:

My sinus has cleared.
I can smell nicely now and not faintly unlike when my sinus was clogged.
No more painful face pressure and throbbing headaches due to sinusitis.

And here are the extras too!

My skin complexion is more pinkish than ever. I don't need any blush on, because it is a good source of anti-oxidants so it helps renew cells in the body.
I have better immune system. The season has started to change and I usually get seasonal flu this time of the year but I am ok. No coughing. No drippy nose and watery eyes.

Proflavanol C has good effects in your over all health.

Health Basics

Clinically shown to promote sound cardiovascular health*
Helps support balanced immune function*
Vitamin C carries dual importance as the body’s premier water-soluble antioxidant and as a coenzyme essential for the synthesis and health of connective tissues and throughout the body*
Supports eye health*
Provides ingredients essential for maintaining healthy, younger-looking skin*

To know more about this product, check out this site: Healthy Living Within You


I personally bought this product and I have been taking this supplement since January 2016.  Each person will have a different reaction to what they take and this is my personal opinion based on my experience.  Please check with your physician before taking any medications/supplements especially if you are taking other medication for health reasons.

07 June 2016

3 of the Best Promotional Giveaways

The jury is in and the verdict states that people do indeed love receiving free stuff. This is why companies benefit from adding promotional giveaways to their marketing strategy. The best promotional giveaways are the ones that you can easily get into the hands of your clients, target audience and possible future customers. Best of all, competition within the giveaway manufacturing sector is stiff, so these items tend to be reasonably priced and if you order in bulk, additional discounts may be added.

Here are three of the best promotional giveaways a company can add to their marketing strategy.


Stickers are available in an array of sizes and cuts. From small stickers to decal stickers, set up is as easy as uploading a logo, selecting the sticker size and picking an order amount. Recipients of these stickers are often creative with the way they display them. Some like to stick them on their electronic devices, book bags or car windshields and when they receive custom bumper stickers, many will proudly display them on their car's bumper. This is especially true during election season when constituents want to share with anyone who will catch a glimpse of their car the candidate(s) they support. For a company, this is ideal exposure because the promotional sticker is seen in traffic, parking lots and on the street.


Pens may be the most practical promotional item a company can giveaway. We may be living in an electronic world, but the sudden need to have a pen handy still has not disappeared. When these pens are utilized, customers are reminded that your company exists because they see your logo. The more often they see that logo, the more likely they will be tempted to head to your location and purchase a product or sign up for a service.

Key Chains

Promotional key chains are another great giveaway. Most people will access their keys at least once a day so they will see your logo at least that one time a day. Additionally, there are enough promo key chain variations that your target audience can enjoy. For example, aluminum bottle/can opener key chains are widely popular and practical as well as the carabiner key tag model.

Promotional giveaways are a worthwhile marketing investment companies make, and three of the best giveaways are stickers, pens and key chains.

Personalized Gift Guide For Father's Day

**This post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated when you click and make a purchase.

Father’s Day is when we get to say thanks and celebrate the fatherly figure that influences our lives. It’s the time of year we celebrate everything from his unique sense of humor, “Dad Jokes”, to that person who's always there when we need him. The following gift guide has some fantastic personalized options to help you relay to dad how much you love him while making his big day super special.

Monogrammed Cufflinks:

Whether he wears a suit to work or just a nice dinner, a part of you will be with him when he adds these handsome monogrammed cufflinks to his outfit.  They are a fashionable way for him to have a reminder that someone cares.  If he’s in a business meeting, each time he sees them he knows you’re there to offer support and help him through it. 

Personalized Watch and Sunglass Box:

If dad loves watches and has too many glasses hanging around, this stylish organization box is the perfect gift for him.  Not only can it be personalized for an extra special touch, but it is the perfect gift to help him stay organized and stop “misplacing” his favorite watch and glasses. 

Wine Barrel Shaped Accessories Kit:

For the dad with a more refined taste, why not get him something unique and sophisticated like this wine barrel shaped tool kit.  Complete with everything he needs to open, pour and store the perfect glass, he’ll love this unique and customizable gift for Father’s Day. 

Backpack Cooler Chair:

From tailgating to picnicking, dad will always make this the first accessory to bring.  It’s a cooler that doubles as a chair that triples as a backpack.  What more could he ask for?  Ohh ya, his name embroidered onto it.  This is one of the ultimate gifts you can buy for Father’s Day. 

Grill and Golf BBQ Tool Set:

Does dad love golf, bbq and tailgating?  Why not give him the best of all worlds with this fun grill and golf bbq tool set.  His eyes will light up as he sees his new favorite accessories and you’ll love as he starts grilling more and serving some awesome bbq this summer! 

Personalized Whiskey Decanter:

If dad likes a finer whiskey or enjoys having company over, this classy decanter makes the perfect gift.  You can have it customized for him and even buy matching glasses to pour his favorite drink into.  This is a classic and timeless idea for Father’s Day. 

Personalized Bar Sign:

Does dad’s mancave need a redo?  Maybe there’s open space on the walls.  This personalized pub sign is the perfect gift that he can hang, enjoy and know someone loves him while he’s having “me” time in his private sanctuary. 

Personalized Can Dispenser Cooler:

If you want to buy him something useful and practical that he’ll love, this can dispensing cooler is a great option.  Perfect for tailgating, sporting events or even at a picnic.  He can store sodas or whatever he wants and have it dispense them one at a time without having to expose the others to warmth. 

Mini Personalized Oak Whiskey Barrel:

If dad is someone who is a collector of liquor and would love an accessory that is noteworthy of conversation then this is one gift he’ll appreciate.  It’s a personalized oak whiskey barrel that is also a functional piece of decor that works as a talking piece, an ice breaker and a way to serve guests a delicious drink while entertaining them. 

A Personalized Robe:

There’s nothing more relaxing than lounging in a robe.  That’s why a personalized robe makes the perfect gift for a day when all he is supposed to do is relax. 

(Photo credit: beau-coup.com)

06 June 2016

Really Important Things To Know About Dealing With Addiction

When we say “addiction” we end up thinking of a person that is in a really bad state. The idea that is generally accepted is that the individual that is addicted has no self-respect, will commit crime, is dangerous and completely out of control. This is not actually the case. In fact, there are so many different addictions that we can be faced with, ranging from something simple like coffee and music addictions to the really damaging drug addiction everyone talks about. Many addictions do not actually require that you go to a rehab clinic. They can easily be managed at home.

Understand What Type Of Addiction You Are Faced With

This is basically the most important thing at the end of the day. When you want to deal with any addiction, the first step is to figure out what type of addiction you are dealing with. In order to deal with the addiction the first step is to acknowledge its existence.

The big problem is that many do not realize that they have an addiction. It is normally the friends and the family members that figure out first but the affected person will not actually listen to that. However, after the addiction is actually acknowledged, the first step is already made. You want to be sure that you learn all that you can about the addiction. That is a huge part of getting the greatest possible treatment that one can get.

Getting Professional Help

Unfortunately, many think that they can deal with addiction without any professional help. This happens as we want to feel powerful and we really want to believe that we can help ourselves. While it is possible to deal with some of the mild addictions without any external help except some good words from friends, with most of the addictions that exist, professional help is needed.

There is absolutely no shame in admitting that you have a problem. Professional help is actually the very best thing that can happen for an individual that is addicted. Addiction is something that should be overseen by a professional. This is always the case with addictions like those to drugs or alcohol.

After You Get Rid Of The Addiction

If you take a look at the statistics, you will notice that most people that fight an addiction will eventually relapse. This means that after they get rid of the addiction they will end up having to go through the program again. That happens when there is no program that teaches them how to deal with the new life rules that have to be implemented.

The big problem with an addiction is that it never actually goes away. If you are an alcoholic and you drink a glass of wine, it is possible that you will end up with the same problems you got rid of after the addiction. You want to always get the help that you need after the program is over and work on learning how to control yourself.