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11 February 2016

Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts

Photo credit: taken from yahoo.com

Have you ever wondered why a walnut looks like a very tiny-scale model of human brain? Here's the wonder of nature coming in; walnuts are brain food. It is rich in omega-fatty acid that is a good nutrient for the brain. It helps boost memory and cognitive function.

Aside from being a good brain food, it is also rich in plant-based protein and other vitamins and minerals which are all good for our body.

Walnuts also help in lowering bad cholesterol because of the presence of omega-fatty acids. It helps in heart health and also is rich in fibre so if you are into weight management, eating walnuts help you feel fuller. And the fibre also aids in your digestive tract.

Selenium, zinc and biotin are also present in walnuts so it helps in promoting healthy, shiny hair.

So, start infusing walnuts in your meal plans. You can use walnut oils in your salads or dressings to ensure you get the health benefits of walnuts. You can also snack on it rather than buying processed treats which are full of calories with no good nutrients to provide your system. Choose walnuts instead!

09 February 2016

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards from Minted

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Celebrating Valentine's Day is one of the exciting occasion people who are in love celebrates. It does not have to be exclusively for lovers, married people or those who are in a relationship. Valentine's Day should be universal and for all.

This Valentine's Day, make it special with customizable and personalized Valentine's Day Cards to convey your special feelings and thoughts or to simply show the people you care about that they are thought of this love day.

Minted has plenty of beautiful, funky, contemporary, and funny cards to send to all walks of life. Here are some samples for inspiration:

The Lovely Type 
Designed by Lauren Chism

Kisses and Hugs
Designed by Sarah Brown

Love is in the Air
Designed by June Letters Studio

Designed by Guess What?

Just head on to Minted and choose the one you want to send. If you want other kinds of Valentine's Day greeting, why not convey your love with other gift items from Minted such as art gifts.

Minted's Limited Edition Art Prints

07 February 2016

Blog Leave For A Few Days

Hi everyone!

I will be on blog leave from Feb. 11 until 22 due to my daughter's debut! Yey!

I will be busy with family stuff so I won't be posting much but I promise to keep up with the latest in deals and promos, health and wellness, business stuff and other topics you wish to talk about here.

For now, I'll just focus on my daughter's birthday party and the blogging activities will have to take a back seat momentarily.

I'll chat with you all on Feb. 23!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Supply Your Valentine's Day Party On A Budget

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Not all people celebrate Valentine's Day with special dinner for two, a movie date or a romantic getaway somewhere. Some actually celebrate it with fanfare! Valentine's Day is not all about couples or those who are in love or looking for love but it is also a time to celebrate the day with family and friends as another get-together party.

If you are one of those who wants to throw a party for everyone to enjoy whether are with someone, looking for someone or simply to enjoy the company of great people, then it is just right to plan and execute your Valentine's Day party without putting a dent on your budget. Here's how:

Make your own decorations

You do not have to be crafty to be able to make and prepare your own decorations. You just need the basic: paper, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, computer and a printer. It will be nice if you can download printable decors to match your Valentine's Day theme and cut the out yourself. You can make paper hearts and put them on strings like a bunting. You can also make paper flowers and decorate the tables and chairs with them.

This is from Marley Design from Etsy.com

Buy wholesale party kits

Red is always associated to Valentine's Day to signify love and passion. Why not change the colour motif to dark pink with splashes or red tones? You can buy paper plates, cups and disposable cutleries to mix and match for the occasion. You can buy them plain too in block colours so you can save money. The ones with designs are rather costly so stick with colour blocks.

Use your own cups, plates and cutleries

If you do not want to buy a party kit for the occasion, you can use your own plates, cups and utensils. This way, you get to save money. You can use your creativity by using old jam jars like mason jars as glasses or time to bring out those nice champagne flutes!

Send electronic invites

Send your invites via email to save time and money. You can even create an event in Facebook and invite your family and friends in your upcoming shindig.

Buy wholesale favours

If you are very generous and would really like to give your guests some simple tokens then you can check out the internet for party favors for all occasions that you can buy online.  Buying in bulk yields better rate than buying few items.

Save Now @ Beau-coup.com

How you decide to supply your Valentine's Day party is all up to you especially if your goal is also to have fun while not splurging. Enjoy the merriment!

05 February 2016

Valentine's Day Sale from Lulu

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Time for another amazing sale! Lulu's having a nice Valentine's Day offer for all you fashionistas out there. Check out their amazing sale here:

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Friday, February 5th.

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Happy shopping! Happy Friday!