22 May 2017

Starting Business At Home With Nu Skin Products

Earning a passive income is like the elusive fountain of youth that I have been searching for a long time now. I have tried dabbling in many fields before just to earn extra while I have my regular bread and butter. I sold handmade cards; tried my hand in buy and sell of branded and luxury bags, and I also offer my writing and logo branding services. Although not all of them bring in the money I want to make life easier for my family and for my retirement, I know that starting with Nu Skin can be a help to eventually lead to a business I can start from home.

What is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is an American company established in the 1984 in Provo, Utah. It develops and sells personal care products and health and dietary supplements under the Pharmanex carrier brand. They operate using as a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) process just like other direct marketing companies like Forever Living Product, Royale, to name a few.

What are the products of Nu Skin?

The company carries many types of products geared for the over all well-being of an individual, from personal care to beauty and skin care products to oral care, anti-aging, spot treatments and health supplements including weight loss and health supplements.

What makes Nu Skin a business opportunity for everyone who wants to earn extra with little or no capital?

FREE SIGN-UP! Yes, you read that right. It is totally FREE and no-strings attached to join the team. Honestly, I have been in networking and direct marketing environment before but this is the first time I have encountered a FREE SIGN-UP.

The products are great. We all know that people will have varying reception on how the products affect them. However, Nu Skin lives on the motto of "all of the good, none of the bad." I have tried some of the products and my skin is loving them.

The wide selection of products to showcase is appealing for many demographics. You can either sell to young people who are after clearing their blemishes or sell to the middle-aged people who are trying to slow down the signs of aging or sell to the seniors who want to improve their whole health through the Pharmanex products and improve their skin conditions through the ageLoc products, and many more.

You can buy just one or two toothpastes to start of if you like to try the product and offer to your family and friends.

You can do this during your spare time and wherever you want as long as you have a wi-fi connection and social media account.

You get commissions as a Distributor when meeting regular requirements.  I won't go into that detail because I am more after retailing the products as I plan to build my own ecommerce site and offer the products from home, which is what this blog article is all about. Let's face it, not everyone is for MLM. There's nothing wrong with networking but others have preference and I respect that.

The company has been in the business for more than 2 decades so the quality of their products speak for that. I don't recommend products I don't trust; hence, I have only been with very few (actually, just 3!) direct marketing companies that I like and Nu Skin is one of them.

How to join so you can start up?

Joining Nu Skin is through sponsorship. And I can sponsor you and make you a part of a robust team who are driven and committed to improve their lives. How you make this work is totally up to you. You can be creative or traditional with your approach with direct marketing but at the end of the day, the success lies on you.

*****Ready to start your business? Email me to join so I can sponsor you. Email: mommaglama at yahoo dot com or you can leave your info in the comment below with a "YES I WANT TO JOIN." I will reach out to you shortly.*****

Website: www.nuskin.com

You may also purchase in the web; however, you will need my Sponsorhip/Distributor ID to be able to do that so you can enjoy the high-quality products of Nu Skin. Just comment with a "YES I WANT TO BUY" then leave your email so I can contact you.

You can find my reviews on some of the Nu Skin products I have tested:

AP24 Whitening Flouride Toothpaste

Liquid Body Lufra

More reviews to follow :)

08 May 2017

Review - Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra

I am an old school kid when it comes to exfoliating. I only use a loofah or a washcloth to rub my skin clean. Yes, I grew up doing that. I would use other brand of exfoliating scrub gel but it did not yield the same effect of Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra.

I tried the product last week and I am happy with the results. The first time I tried it on my dry arm skin, it felt so nice with a bit of cool feeling on the skin. Once it was rinsed off, my skin was soft and smooth. And that was just one application.

The Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra is a gentle exfoliation scrub that smoothens rough areas in your body like your elbows, knees, nape area, your back, and even your soles if you like!

(My initial try with the product. No filter. No photo editing. I just added captions.)

Key Ingredients:

Walnut husks—finely ground to exfoliate and remove dry, rough patches of skin.
Aloe vera—soothes and nurtures skin.
Humectants—attract moisture and prevent dryness during the exfoliation process.

The effects on other users:

The Lufra makes for a nice Mother's Day gift too if you want your mom or the queen of your life feel precious with skin so soft and smooth. It's a nice way to detox your skin while you relax after a long day. Your mom or the queen of your life will surely feel special when they try this.

You can order this product from me as this is exclusive to Nu Skin but can be sold to public consumers.

Message me for your orders at mommaglama@yahoo.com with the subject line Lufra order and I will get back to you with the payment methods, price and shipping cost (depending on your location / some countries does not allow any liquid products to be shipped).

For PHILIPPINES and UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the other Emirates) clients, please feel free to message me for your orders at mommaglama@yahoo.com.


We all could use some extra cash right now especially when the money's tight. You can become an Independent Distributor of Nu Skin without any cash out. No fees. No kits required.  Absolutely FREE SIGN UP. No catch on that, just you, earning your own extra through social media posts. Interested? Leave your email in the comment portion of email me as indicated above if you want to become a Distributor.

06 May 2017

Gowns for Wedding Occasion

I will attend a wedding next year. I am quite excited because this is the first time I am going to act as a Principal Sponsor to my Godson. I have been the Godmother of my Godson during his Baptismal, and to stand as a Godparent who will fulfill the duties of being another parent is such an honor that I seriously take. It is not very often when someone is being asked to become their honorary mom twice. And I will take that as something special.

So, yes, I am in search for the perfect principal gown to wear for the big event next year. I have to physically prepare for it as I need to fit properly in the gown. I am searching the internet for inspiration with searches such as cheap bridesmaid dresses Australia to help me find the perfect one for me.

I saw plenty of dresses that I fancy in www.mubridal.com.au and I think I can actually find one that I can wear in the event. Being a principal sponsor is a big thing so I should dress to the nines!

Zipper-up Evening Lace Summer Bateau Spring All Sizes Floor-Length Dress

I found this one to suit my personality. I like how it flows and exudes sophistication without being over the top. And then I saw the wedding gowns too! Wow! I mean, my wedding gown was fabulous (thanks to my cousin who is a couturier!) but there are plenty of designs for wedding gowns now that are up-to-date and stylish just like this one:

This gown reminds me so much of my own wedding gown. One day, I'd like to see my daughter walk down the isle wearing a similar one, if not my own wedding gown. 

I have made my selections and will narrow down few months before the big day. I hope by then, I am a bit slimmer and fitter.

05 May 2017

Top Ski Resorts in North America

North America boasts some of the best skiing in the world. Most of the mountain ski resorts enjoy frequent snowfall during the winter and this, combined with efficient lifts and a lack of queues, is a strong reason why North America is the place to go skiing.
Here is a guide to some of the best ski resorts in North America.

Aspen Highlands, Colorado

Aspen in Colorado is enduringly popular. The town is lovely all year round, but it comes to life during the winter months when the ski crowds arrive. There are four ski areas, all accessible from one lift. The town gondola takes you to Aspen Mountain and there are free shuttles to the other four main ski areas. The only disadvantage of Aspen is that it can be expensive, but if you want a more up-market ski vacation, this should be your top choice.

Whistler and Blackcomb, British Columbia

Whistler and Blackcomb are two linked mountain resorts in British Columbia, Canada. They are hugely popular, especially with transatlantic winter sports enthusiasts. Whistler is very beginner-friendly, with plenty of nursery slopes and learning areas. More experienced skiers won’t be disappointed either, as there are terrain parks and high open bowls. There are very few resorts in the same league as Whistler and Blackcomb. Accommodation is in plentiful supply, with Blackcomb Lodge located only a 2 minute walk to gondolas.

Winter Park, Colorado

Winter Park in Colorado is not as busy as some of the more popular resorts, which makes it a smart choice for families, and during the week, you won’t have to queue up for lifts. This is one of the snowiest resorts in Colorado – it has around 8 meters of snow annually. The resort is great for kids and the childcare facilities for babies and toddlers are second to none. Older kids can have a go at ice skating and tubing. There is a dedicated beginner area right in the middle of Discovery Park. From here, you can progress to the longer runs.

Banff, Alberta

Banff in Alberta, Canada, is fabulously scenic. Set 1,380m up in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is very popular with tourists in the summer months, but in winter, Banff attracts the skiing crowd. There are three slopes and Canada’s first heated chair lift can be found in Sunshine Village, which is a bonus if you are feeling chilled after your exploits on the black diamond runs. Lake Louise, 45-minutes from Banff, is best for intermediate skiers.

Mammoth Mountain, California

California probably isn’t the first destination that springs to mind if you want to go skiing, but Mammoth Mountain offers 3,500 acres of different terrain, including a nice mix of easy slopes and alpine-style skiing. There is no main center, but you will find hotels, chalets, and other types of lodgings scattered all over the mountain. There are eight ski parks, right up to pro-standard, so it’s a great destination for a mixed ability family.

If you haven’t tried skiing before, make 2017/18 the year you hit the slopes for the first time.

My Dream Gown

I wasn't always this rotund to be very honest. I only got plumper when I hit early 40s. I used to be size 0 and that is without exaggeration.  I would often purchase my garments from the pre-teens just to find the perfect fit. However, time hasn't been very kind to me (and not to mention my bad lifestyle!). I actually stopped living a healthy life for sometime thinking I would always get back to my old size after a few rounds in the park. That's not the case anymore. Age is catching up and my sedentary lifestyle has caused me to become very round, and a bit insecure.

I am now in my mid-40s and trust me, mid-life crisis does exist! It is not easy to come into terms with my fuller figure now but it is also not impossible. I just have to change my perspective.

With that, I have been browsing at formal gowns that I can wear to a wedding next year where I will stand as a godmother to my god son in his wedding. I want to prepare myself for it and want to be fit not because I want to look good in the gown of my dreams but I want to feel good.

There are plenty of formal gowns out there that I want to try and imagine myself wearing but there is just a certain few that really makes me smile from ear to ear. For now, I just imagine myself in the gown and in few months, I hope to see myself wearing the gown of my choice.

(Photo credit: TBdress)

The gown is simple but I love being simple with grace. I imagine myself wearing it with a flatter tummy area to make it look more billowy, just how I love how my formal gowns to flow.

I am also looking at sites that caters to fuller-figured ladies like myself and provide tips and services to help ladies like myself to overcome their insecurities with dressing up styles they think and feel are not appropriate for their size too. Sites like Dia&Co provides boxes for ladies my size and bigger. They contain outfits and accessories as per your preference which you have all indicated when you created your fit and style profile. They make it easier for you to embrace your figure because they will help you find the right clothes and accessories that will compliment your figure. They ship you the box filled with things you can try out. You receive them, try them on and return the ones you don't fancy. You only get charged for what you have kept and you also get a discount for the styling fee! It's really that simple!

So, I will be doing my best to live a healthier lifestyle so at least I can shed some pounds and fit in that gown I want to wear. If not, there will be more styles and cuts of formal gowns I could wear to accentuate my best asset and that will be my love for ME.