22 July 2017

Dress Your Kids With Cool Denims In Time For School

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My kid wore uniform in school the whole duration of her school days. It is only when she reached college that she has to update her wardrobe. So, I really missed those times when I could dress her up in school get ups for school. But you can if you have kids in school who don't have regular uniforms. It will be nice to let them look presentable little beings and at the same time, make them feel good and comfortable too. Here are stylish denims from Crazy 8 for your kids, and they will look superb in these outfits.


Wearing a denim jeans is a good idea for the young, fun-loving, and active kids who will be running around in school during play time. Jeans are sturdy, and offer nice protection to your kids knees and shin when they trip. Hopefully, they don't but hey, kids are kids! They will surely use those energy towards playtime and with that, dressing up your kids with a nice and cool denim can play the part.


Keep them cool in school with these beautiful denim jackets. The weather can be harsh, and with summer almost ending, brace them with the coming of the cooler months by keeping them warm, and "cool" at the same time!

Jean Jacket

Pair their cool denim with beautiful tops that can complement their whole cool denim get up.

Ready to dress them up? Shop Crazy8's New Denim Collection!

21 July 2017

Review - Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet from Kinzd.com

This is another product I have received from Kinzd.com. They specialize in wallets with RFID for better protection of your card data against unscrupulous people.

I received the Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet with cork leather, and I have asked my husband to review it for me. I feel it works best for him because he can put it in front of his vest or polo when he goes to work.

What he likes:

It is slim enough to fit his front polo's pocket.
It is very lightweight.
It has a nice texture and color from the cork.
It is very thin.
It doesn't get bulky even if you fill the slots with cards.
It has a small slot for bills.
It has a clear slot for a photo or ID.
It has RFID that helps protect your cards' data from being electronically stolen.
It has the minimal look, not very fussy to look at but still fashionable.
He can use it for work, casual outing, and even during out travels.

What he doesn't like:

He wanted more card slots to accommodate his other cards.


cork fabric leather from wine corks
fabric for the bill slot
plastic for the card slot


It features 6 card slots, 1 ID window, 1 Larger Card/Money/Receipt Pocket – Top Center Access, you can easily put all kinds of cards and money in and easily take out. The Compact wallet is Approximately 11.2cm x 8cm x 0.3cm

Where to buy:

You can purchase this wallet from Kinzd.com.

My husband's recommendation:

It is a yes even if he wanted more slots. It still served the purpose of keeping his cards organized without making it seemed bulky. Aside from that, it has RFID blocking features which is very beneficial these days. We travel a lot, and we go to places where electronic pick-pocketing is rampant. So, it is perfect for him to have this wallet for his daily use and even during our travels.


I received this slim wallet complimentary from Kinzd.com in exchange of my honest feedback. I only review products that I feel will be beneficial to my readers.

15 July 2017

Review - Kinzd Upgraded Accordion Wallet

Wallets are not my thing. I only have a few that I alternately use and one that I bring during my travels. However, with the increasing and alarmingly rates of information being stolen form your smart phones, and magnetic cards, and even machine-readable documents, I am really more cautious now.

I have already been a victim of identity theft when someone used my credit card for a big amount of money purchasing a ticket. To this day, I am still disputing that and I am already getting very helpless with the outcome. So, it is important for me to use a wallet that can protect unscrupulous people from acquiring inform from my credit cards, and other machine-readable documents.

The Kinzd Upgraded Accordion Wallet is my solution to that. I want my cards and documents well protected while I am on the go and do not have to worry about anything.

What I like:

It has a soft exterior.
The wallet is sized just enough to fit any small sling bags that I can carry during my travel and even during my day-to-day activities.
It has plenty of card slots that could fit almost 15 cards, including the ones in the zipped compartment.

I can put a photo inside one of the tiny slot with transparent plastic cover.
It is lightweight, and compact.
It has a slot for bills

I like the color too. It's not quite deep black so you can still see the ingrain of the leather.
It doesn't look very cramped even when I filled all the card slots, added some coins and bills. It didn't look very bulky at all.
The RFID* protection. This wallet is a RFID blocking accessory every lady should have.

What I don't like:
Nothing. I like the size. It is lightweight too and fits perfectly in any of my small sling bags.

Product specifications:

● Color: Upgraded Black
● zip closure
● Measurement: 4.53”x3.46”x1.38” (11.5cmx 8.8cmx 3.5cm)
● 1 zippered compartment, ID window, 10 accordion folds, 5 card slots, 1 cash compartment, It stays closed with a button snap.
● RFID Blocking Wallet: Keeps your vital information Secure. Protect Identity Data from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking RFID scanners and readers from Scanning your Information.
● With Wrist Strap, great to take with you or slip into a small purse. Good women travel wallet or take it when shopping


Fabric internal liningMetal zipper
Metal snap button in the bill-fold


$15.99 and free shipping worldwide

Where to buy:

Website: www.kinzd.com

My recommendation:

I definitely like this wallet. I usually just carry coin purse when I travel but with this RFID Upgraded Accordion Wallet that has a bill slot, plenty of card slots, and coin purse too, I find the size, and compact built a good fit for my travels, and even daily use.  I like the extra protection it has by keeping my data secured through the RFID blocking technology which is a must for me.

I highly recommend this wallet to everyone, whether you are traveling or not. The protection alone for your most valuable information is something that is very important to consider.

*RFID = radio-frequency identification


I have received this product for free for testing purposes. All my opinions are 100% mine. I only review products that I think and feel will be beneficial to my readers.

09 July 2017

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Complete the necessary details and confirm your account. And that is it! You will receive an email of your account confirmation so you may start right away. Please email me back of your confirmation at mommaglama at yahoo dot com so I can add you to our FB group chats and pages for full support.

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08 July 2017

Secret Morning Ritual to Nourish Your Body

Due to the dynamic and fast-paced environment most of us live in, it easily slips our mind to take care of what is our most valued possession – our body. This negligence is a mistake many make, since they are occupied with more urgent worries. However, it should be just the opposite, since the care of our bodies in today’s stressful and exhausting world becomes even more crucial than before.

This is why everyone needs their little morning rituals to jumpstart the day and provide their skin with the attention it requires. Here are some secret morning rituals that you should know about!

Early-morning exfoliation 

Our skin goes through a constant process of cell regeneration, which means that dead cells need to be regularly removed to expose new, soft and fresh skin. This is why exfoliation is an essential step before pampering your skin with loving lotions and rich creams.

Although there is a widely held belief that occasional removal of dead cells is enough, there are now indications that mild, daily scrubs are more beneficial in maintaining healthy and fresh-looking skin. Massage your skin gently and rinse with lukewarm water. This ritual not only preps your skin for the next step, but also reinforces healthy cell growth.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize 

Waking up to healthy looking skin boosts your confidence and prepares you for the day’s challenges. With that in mind, you should know that the key to having radiant skin is moisturizing. After you have washed and exfoliated your face, you should apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

Choose one with an active hydrating complex to revitalize the skin and make it soft and nourished. For younger skin prone to irritation, go for products containing aloe vera, whereas special moisturizers with anti-wrinkle complex might be better suited for older skin.

Spa-like royal treatment 

Close your eyes and picture being in a spa, smell the delicate scents enveloping your body and envisage the unsurpassed professional care at your disposal. Just because most people cannot afford regular outings to the spa, it doesn’t mean that your body can’t enjoy those well-deserved luxuries at home.

With skincare brands like high-quality MOR Cosmetics, which offer pampering lotions and creams rich in luxurious oils that nourish skin and make it supple, feeling and looking good has never been so easy. The wide range of exotic and flowery scents is bound to evoke sensations of complete relaxation, while even the packaging design stands out from regular products lining store shelves.

Hot-cold showers

Many among us need that morning shower to wake up, and both mentally and physically prepare for the day ahead. In order to make this habit more beneficial to your body, you should stick to the time-honoured technique of showering by alternating the flow of hot and cold water. The hot water and the cold water have different effects on the body, the former being relaxing and the latter excellent in relieving inflammation. The combination reinvigorates your body circulation, which in turn make you feel much more comfortable in your own skin. Moreover, you needn’t revert to extremes - mild temperatures will also do the trick.

Today’s stressful lifestyles necessitate an even better daily care of our skin and body in general, which is why everyone should discover or devise rituals which successfully work for them. We have presented you some of the ideas, which if you make a habit of repeating every day, will surely help you look and feel happier in your own skin. Remember that a healthy look requires time and carefully chosen products. Make a habit of pampering yourself every day!

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and photography. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is style editor at High Style Life.

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