23 March 2015

Learning About Investing Through A Profile

People that want to learn about investing from a corporate perspective can apply that knowledge to the way they invest with their own portfolios. There are many large businesses that keep very large portfolios, and their investing habits can help people make their own decisions about investing money. This is often much easier than people think when they are looking in the right place.

The Profile

The profile of a business like Hennion & Walsh is going to reveal how they move their money around during the year. Investments are fluid, and these investments change. These investments should be reviewed by people who want to learn about the business world. There are many times that people can get the information they need to know by simply copying what someone else does. This is not always a good tactic, but it is a tactic that is going to help people to make wise decisions. They simply need to figure out what they are going to do after they have done their reading.

The Reading

These profiles come with items that allow people to study these investment tactics. It is one thing to learn all about the money that a company moved around, but it is much easier to read about why these moves were made. These items help people to do their own research about investing. The research that people do often leads them to different conclusions than what they see in the profiles, but it is going to help with the investment moves that people take that they. 

The Reactions

Reading these profiles is going to allow people to react to the moves that are made by big businesses. Someone who is following the investments made by a large company is going to be able to make those same moves if they want to. These reactions are often a good way to keep track of the market when someone is waiting to see what they can do with their money. They do not need to make their moves without any information. Seeing a big company make a major move is an indication that someone else should be doing the same thing.

Corporate Trading

The company that is trying to keep up the corporate trading that will help support its business needs to read what other companies are doing. The corporate profile of one company can be copied by another, or the profile can be used as a template for corporate investing. The company that has very little money to spend should remember that it can easily use the beginnings of a profile to get the best results.

Every business wants to learn how to invest, and there are individuals who can learn from what a company does. These massive portfolios are major learning opportunities for anyone who is willing to read them. This information can help increase profits from the markets with relative ease, and the readers who take this information to heart will learn quickly how to increase their bottom line.

22 March 2015

Celfie Wireless Mobile Phone Monopod Stick #celfiestick

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

I am not much of a "selfie" person who loves to take pictures of myself non-stop. I only do selfies when I feel like it or when I have to post some results of beauty products I have reviewed or when on a trip. Otherwise, I'm okay posing normally along with other people in a single snap.

I actually don't have any selfie stick because I don't see the need for it. However, I did realise that I need one during my trips because sometimes, it's hard to get a picture of my entire family without one being the photographer and missing the whole pictorial thing.

So, I am thankful for this opportunity because it came very timely too. I can use it this weekend on my Euro trip with my friend and what better way to enjoy a scenic tour than to have loads of selfies!

What I like:
It is long selfie stick. It is only 8 inches when retracted and can be stretched to 3 ft. and 4 inches long up to the base of the phone's secure snap
Fast charging (only an hour to fully charge)
Can support iOS and Android systems
Has bluetooth and the connectivity is fast and easy
Button on the handle for easy photography and video-taking session
Easy to use
The snap to hotel the camera has a rubberised snap the keep the phone in place
It is lightweight
And it is in PINK!
The handle has a ribbed grip so it doesn't slip
There's a switch on the bottom part of the handle to switch the bluetooth on and off
The bluetooth charger socket is also on the bottom of the handle
Can be plugged to your PC for charging
Has LED indicator when pairing with your phone device

What I don't like:
No strap holder

My recommendation:
Even if this selfie stick doesn't have any strap holder for added security so I don't mistakenly drop the selfie stick, I still find this product very easy to use and really nice to use for selfie sessions and most especially on our trips abroad! Yes, I recommend this product for the selfie enthusiasts, parties, travels and many more.

This product is available at Amazon.

21 March 2015

ArthroPet Collagen Pet Rescue Wafers Review

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review.

If you follow my blog, you probably know I am a doting mom to my daughter and a fur baby whom we call Millie, the Diva Dog. She's our adopted dog and I have taken her in when she was around 5 or 6 years old already. Even the previous owners were unsure of her real age as she was also rescued form a dumpster when she was a puppy. So, Millie is our precious baby because she has been given twice the chance to live a happy and normal doggie life.

Millie cannot be forever young. We adopter her last 2009 and now that she is around either 11 or 12 and that is old for a dog's age. She is still lively and robust for her age but now as jumpy as the past.

I have received the Arthropet for our Millie to try. NeoCell's Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue dietary supplement wafers is a help for our Millie. She has been running around like she was when she was younger. She loves the Arthropet so much. And why did I say that? Well, as soon as I opened the bottle's protective seal, she smelled it already and ran to me to beg for one.

I think my Millie loves the Arthropet because I give her one in the morning before her main breakfast and she chows it down even when she's still sleepy. And that doesn't feel each time I give her in the morning. She eats it with gusto and starts to become lively even at 6 in the morning! She's normally a morning dog but not that early. With Arthropet, she just wakes up and starts wagging her tail like a little puppy begging for more food.

The Arthropet wafer does have a weird odour similar to my Millie's dog treats. It has that weird cheesy-meaty smell you commonly smell from dog treats. However, it's not as bad as the other treats I have bought my dog in the past.

As for my Millie's "bounce," she's a bit perky. She doesn't run around like she used to when she was younger but since she took Arthropet, she seems to be running around more. She still can't jump on our couch but the fact that she "attempts" to jump on the couch is a big improvement.

It said that "collagen" is good for dogs because they need it for their joints and overall health just like we do. So, the Arthropet Collagen Pet Rescue dietary supplement is a perfect addition to my Millie's daily vitamins to help her ageing joints.

Aside from giving our Millie a boost on her joint's health and condition, Arthropet also helps in improving her overall coat.

It contains:

I highly recommend this to help your fur babies with their ageing joints and help ease degenerative tissues related diseases in dogs.

Please watch this short video clip of my fur baby Millie and her first taste of Arthropet.

Thanks for watching!

To know more about this product, please visit NeoCell's website.

16 March 2015

Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace Review #BestPostureBrace

** I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

I have a sedentary type of work that requires 8.5 hours of continuous sitting. At some point, I develop back pains because of prolonged sitting and it is very important I get the right support for my condition.

The Faburo Adjustable Posture Back Brace is the way to help me correct my posture because of prolonged sitting.

What I like: 
It has adjustable straps that can fit 26-40" chest size.
It can be worn under a shirt if you want to be discreet.
It can be worn outside the shirt which makes it versatile.
It comes in 2 colours: black and white
It is not bulky.
It is lightweight.
It has big beads on the lower back support to simulate the normal curvature of the spine.
Can be worn during workouts/exercise and other physical activities requiring back support
Slightly padded so it doesn't put unnecessary pressure on my skin.

What I don't like:
Taking it off is not much of a challenge but not as easy as I would have thought.  I had to ask my husband to assist in taking it off from my shoulders. Otherwise, it is not very cumbersome but an effort has to be exerted to be able to take it off.

Metal buckle
Velcro snaps

My recommendation:
I highly recommend this back support because it helps to straighten your posture. This is the right back support for me as I sit whole day in the office and it is equally good to provide the right support when I exercise.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.

Picking a Kitchen Mixer: Hand, Stand or Combo?

Different mixers (don't call them blenders in Martha Stewart's presence) are useful for different tasks. Stand mixers, for instance, are great for making dough, for mixing large recipes, and for mixing for long periods of time. Hand mixers are great for small recipes and for use in a variety of different bowls. You might be wondering, however, if you need both. Here is what the professionals have to say.

(Photo credit: bedbathandbeyond.com)

Stand Mixers

For large jobs and the best results when you need to really whip creams, you can't beat a stand mixer. These devices often have twice the power and thus twice the speed that a hand mixer can muster. That means you can get smoother icings and fluffier batters with a stand mixer than you ever will with a hand-held unit.

Most stand mixers come with a variety of different beaters including a whisk, paddle, and hook. The whisk is great for sauces and frosting while the paddle is perfect for cake and cookie batters. For bread dough, the hook can't be beat. You can often get these attachments on a hand mixer, but the hooks, for instance, won't be of much use due to lower power output and less torque from the mixer.

Another benefit to stand mixers is that you can augment them with accessories. Many stand mixers allow you to attach pasta makers or ice cream makers and thus extend the use of the machine. If you want a more versatile option, go with the stand mixer.

The downside to the stand mixer is cost. The cheapest units begin at around two hundred dollars with professional units starting around six hundred. There are a variety of stand mixers on the market, many of which can be compared by visiting sites like Bed Bath and Beyond. Do your homework and pick the unit that has enough power to meet your needs. America's Test Kitchen has a great review of stand mixers.

Hand Mixers

Hand mixers are great if you are short on space or short on time (they are easier to set up and clean). They are useful for making batters, puddings and other thin mixtures, but struggle with thicker substances like bread dough. If you do choose to get a hand mixer, go with a lightweight unit that has at least five speeds. Look for units with additional attachments to extend functionality. You can learn more about hand mixers by reading the review offered by Good Housekeeping.

Combination Mixers

If you can't commit to a hand or stand mixer, then a hybrid unit may be right for you. These have the power of a stand mixer, but the simplicity and light weight of a hand mixer. Keep in mind that though these units are highly versatile, they often aren't quite as light as a hand mixer or quite as powerful as a dedicated stand mixer.

Choosing Wisely

If you can afford it, buy both a hand and a stand mixer. If you have to choose one over the other, and price isn't an option, go with the stand mixer as it will do everything a hand mixer will do and then some. If space is an issue, go with the hand mixer. Whatever route you choose, be sure to review your options to see which models and brands hold up the longest and are the easiest to use.

Christal Haynes loves to cook, shop and write. A retired home economics teacher, she likes to share her insights with others by posting on the web. You can find her informative articles on many of today's top websites and blogs.