04 March 2015

Shaving With One Razor

Shaving is something that you might do every day or every other day unless you are a man who wants to grow out a mustache or beard. There are several kinds of razors that you can find at retail stores, but there are often more benefits to straight razors than there are those with double or triple blades. One of the benefits of this kind of razor is that they are less expensive. You can find them almost anywhere that sells health and beauty supplies. They come in packs of one, two or several depending on how many you might need. 

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Most of the single blade razors that you will find offer a better shave than those that have the double or triple blades. You are using a razor that has the actual blade instead of something that has a piece of plastic between multiple blades. This allows the blade to cut the hair at one time instead of using multiple blades to go over the area at one time. When you use only one blade, you are saving the environment as well because you aren’t throwing away as much metal that won’t disintegrate. Ingrown hairs won’t show up as much, and you won’t have the rashes that you sometimes see with multiple blades. 

03 March 2015

Different Chewable Types of Vitamins For Your Kids

Kids are fussy when it comes to giving vitamins for them to swallow. If you have children who are 12 yrs and below, giving them supplements to add to their daily sustenance can be a challenge because some of them may find swallowing tablets daunting and other don't like the taste of the liquid form.

So, if you are faced with these kinds of issues and still have to give vitamins to your kids, consider the chewable forms. Vitamins these days comes in different sizes, colours and forms. Your kids may even find it interesting now to take their supplements if they see these:

Gummy Bears
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Various shapes like circle, heart, etc.

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Smurf characters

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Fruit shapes

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Flintstones characters

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02 March 2015

The Top Five Brands of E-Cigs Revealed

As each day passes, more and more people are turning to electronic cigarettes and the numbers keep climbing. Many people state that they are using them as a tobacco cigarette alternative whilst others want the luxury of being able to ‘smoke’ in public places. No, vaping isn’t smoking in the literal sense, but e-cigs were developed to resemble the experience of smoking without all the dangers. The only thing in common besides the puffing action is that the majority of e-cigs give that quick burst of nicotine.

In the UK, there is a whole counter-culture that has emerged comprised of those who enjoy vaping. Amongst these vapers, there seems to be a consensus of the top five brands of e-cigarettes, revealed in surveys and polls within the past few months. Here are those top five brands:

#1 Green Smoke

This popular brand specialises in what is considered affordable electronic cigarettes. Of the others in the top five, Green Smoke is the lowest price. However, many vapers state that even if the price were to be comparable to others on the list, they would still enjoy their Green Smokes. This company doesn’t provide a huge range of other vaping products, and simply offers e-cigs as their featured product.

#2 Jac Vapour

In many people’s opinion, Jac Vapour should be the highest ranking because their product line is not limited to e-cigs. This company does offer e-liquids and a host of accessories to complement the vaping experience. Perhaps it didn’t rank in first place on one popular poll because of the cost factor. Even so, the cost is just slightly less than the top ranked Green Smokes and all the other brands are quite a bit higher.

#3 Cigees

Here again, you have a product that simply offers electronic cigarettes and refill cartridges and cartomisers. Cigees are a bit more costly than Green Smokes but they advertise as being an extremely ‘high quality’ electronic cigarette. Customers are happy to note that the website does offer discounts, often as high as 30%, on special promotions.

#4 E-Lites

Vaping encompasses so much more than just electronic cigarettes, so it is not clear why E-Lites continue to rank so highly. The taste is said to be superior and the e-cigs provide a true sense of ‘smoking,’ but that is just about what can be factored into their place in the polls. This company doesn’t offer other types of vaping devices like classic vape pipes, mods or pens, but they still are selling well so they deserve their place in the top five.

#5 V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs does offer a starter pen vaping device, which is to the company’s credit. Fewer people are looking for cig-alikes so the vaping pen is the first step in that direction. Vaping pens can be refilled with e-liquid of the user’s choosing and are the easiest of vaping devices to use other than e-cigs. For a good, entry-level approach to vaping, V2 Cigs are a brand that fits the bill.

Since vaping has taken the UK by storm, vapers want the community at large to understand their passion. Electronic cigarettes are a good introduction, but vapers claim more satisfaction with Generation 2 & 3 vaping devices. They get more vapour with each inhalation and are thrilled to be able to mix their own e-juice cocktails. As a matter of fact, many vapers don’t even use e-liquids with any nicotine content whatsoever. So here you have the top five brands of e-cigs, but for a full experience, check out other vaping devices as well.

28 February 2015

Review - Top Quality Reflective Vest Harness

If you're into walking, running, cycling or even the simple task of walking the dog, then this is the perfect reflective vest harness to own and wear.

Walking my dog before was a great challenge. I used to look over my shoulders when I walk my dog because before I don't have any reflective vest or indicator to suggest my and dog's presence on the busy street along our building premise. There is a park near our place but we have to walk half a mile to reach it. And our place is just right in front of a major thoroughfare to pass by which can be challenging for me and my dog. So, we always end up walking on the very narrow sidewalk, check every now and then for oncoming traffic and then pass. Sometimes, we traverse the sandy vacant lots which is not very good for my little dog's paws. There should be a more safer and better way to go to the park without having to drive there nor walk across sandy vacant lots.

The Top Quality reflective vest harness is so perfect that I feel more safe walking outdoors because of the reflectors. I also like the fact that this reflective vest is so stylish that while it does not cover my whole upper body, I still have enough visibility and coverage at the same time with the V-pattern in front and X-pattern of the reflector at the back.

I can also adjust the vest according to my body frame without it making too snug or too loose.

It is also lightweight and very easy to use and I don't have to fumble just to attach the snaps together.

This is a very good vest to have for that extra precaution while going about your daily walking/running and even cycling routine. Aside from the extra precaution you will get, you also have that extra visibility now. I highly recommend this reflective vest harness. It's for your safety.

You can purchase this product from Amazon.

I received this product for free in exchange of my unbiased review. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

25 February 2015

Review - Women's Confidence Panty by Hush Hush

I am very particular with my underwear and I make it a point that they fit well, has the proper coverage and can stand days when I have heavy flow. I have tried many brands of underwear and have some that I really vouch for effectivity when it comes to the fit, style, comfort and overall coverage and protection. This is the first time I have tried Hush Hush Total Leak-Control Confidence Panty. I am glad I did.

What I like:
The fit is perfect and I am thankful I got the right size.
I like the seamless cut. I feel like I am wearing invisible panties. It does not give me any panty lines even when I am wearing tight jeans or light fabric trousers.
It is absorbent. It has that special pad on the crouch area with a light plastic padding at the bottom for a more leak-control functionality.
It is soft and has that spandex-feature that hugs my figure perfectly without leaving any bulges like "muffin top" on the waist area.
The perfect underwear for the sports enthusiasts, fitness fanatics and active people.
It comes in several styles like brief, bikini, hip hugger, thong, rollover, bikini string, and high-leg brief.
You can choose from white, black, beige/nude, pink, blue, purple and green color.
It is machine washable and dries easily.

What I don't like:
I am pleased to say that this is a perfect underwear for me.

My recommendation:
I highly recommend this product to the active women out there who wants total absorbency with a great leak-control feature to everyday protection.

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Where to buy:
You can purchase this product from any of the site mentioned above.

I received this product complimentary from Hush Hush and Wearever via Tomoson for testing/evaluation purpose. My findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours.

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