03 September 2014

Review - Bobino Slim Pen

I always carry a planner with me wherever I go. As such, it is important for me to have a pen readily available when I need to make an entry or when there’s an idea in my head that I need to jot down instantly before I forget it. The Bobino Slim Pen comes in handy for these reasons.

I am currently using my Erin Condren planner. You can actually clip your pen’s cover on the metallic coil but I love using various colours in my entries. The Bobina Slim Pen is just what I need to have an extra pen tucked in my planner.

Bobino is a European brand. It's head office is in Breda, The Netherlands and it has production offices in Malaysia and in the US.

What I like:It’s not bulky but not quite flat.

It is light weight.

It’s only 4.5 inches long including the tip so if you have a smaller planner, this will fit.

The cap has an adhesive on the back where you can stick on your planner’s cover.

You can snap the pen on the cover easily.

It has a nice curve so you can have a better grip even if it is slim.

What I don’t like:
I’m not a big fan of fine-tip pens unless I have to draw something. I prefer 0.7 to 1.5 mm.

The ink is not as dark as I want my pen to be. It was not black. The ink is more of dark gray in color.

Price: AED 25

Packed in a clam-shell in-between light cardboards to secure the pen.

Specifications:Made in Malaysia

4.5 inches long from the top to pen’s tip

Made of hard plastic

Comes in various colours: pink, red, white, blue, black, green

My recommendation:
If you’re not fussy like I am with the darkness of the ink’s colour or the tip of the pen, this is a great pen to have and stick on your planners or appointment books. Not only that, this is also recommended to students who doesn’t have to carry their entire pen collection which will add weight to their bag.

To know more about this company and their super sleek products, you may visit their site: http://us.mybobino.com/

I personally bought this pen for my own use and was not contacted by the manufacturer to conduct this review.

01 September 2014

Hottest Back to School Trends for Teen Girls this Fall 2014

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to hit the mall for some back to school shopping! Romantic Grunge and Kitchy Prints are what’s hot this fall. Check out some of the hottest back to school trends that will make a huge fashion statement this year. 

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans

Jeans are a style essential that’s always in style.


Lucky Brand Jeans - Sofia Skinny Jean in Medium Norman Women's Jeans - Blue - $44.99 (36% off), Free shipping - Available at 6pm.com

FOREVER21 - Floral Print Tie-Front Blouse

FOREVER21 - Floral Print Tie-Front Blouse

Floral prints and flirty shapes describe the 90s grunge trend with a flirty and feminine twist.


FOREVER21 - Forever21 Floral Print Tie-Front Blouse - $17.80, 5.95 shipping - Available at Forever 21

FOREVER21 - Knit Bowler Hat

FOREVER21 - Knit Bowler Hat

The classic bowler hat gets an update with this knit design. Wear this lightweight piece all year long with summer dresses, chunky sweaters, or printed tees. It is important to always accessorize any look properly.


FOREVER21 - Forever21 Knit Bowler Hat - $10.80, 5.95 shipping - Available at Forever 21

Forever 21 - Star Trek Starfleet Muscle Tee

Forever 21 - Star Trek Starfleet Muscle Tee

Kitschy prints include graphic tees, stars, animal print, lips and more to create a fun and quirky look that is sure to make a statement.


Forever 21 - Star Trek Starfleet Muscle Tee - $13.80, 5.95 shipping - Available at Forever 21

La Redoute - R Teens Teen Girl's Varsity Style Fleece Blouson Jacket Size 16 years

La Redoute - R Teens Teen Girl's Varsity Style Fleece Blouson Jacket Size 16 years

Don't forget to add a rockin' jacket on your ensemble! It's going to be a cool Fall!


La Redoute - R Teens Teen Girl's Varsity Style Fleece Blouson Jacket Size 16 years - $34.57, 4.99 shipping - Available at Amazon.com Marketplace

MrSleeper - Multi-function Practical large capacity Leisure outdoor Canvas Polka Dot Rucksack Backpack campus Tote Handbag Satchel Campus computer travel Book bag Schoolbag for teen girls / college student (sky-blue)

MrSleeper - Multi-function Practical large capacity Leisure outdoor Canvas Polka Dot Rucksack Backpack campus Tote Handbag Satchel Campus computer travel Book bag Schoolbag for teen girls / college student (sky-blue)

Ugg - Kellis Women's Shoes (Beige)

Ugg - Kellis Women's Shoes (Beige)

Flats is better for that all-around walking. Stick with rubberized sole for anti-slip action.


Ugg - Kellis Women's Shoes (Beige) - $71.50, Free shipping - Available at 6pm.com

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Changing Furniture Soon

After several months (I think years!) of bugging my husband relentlessly, he has finally agreed to change our furniture, especially the one in the living room. I never liked the one he bought few years ago but since he paid for it, I kept mum about it. Now that he is willing to replace the one we have now, I am very happy to show him around Ikea and what I liked there and fitting to be in our home.

Aside from the living room set, I hope to change our dining table too complete with new chairs and some accessories to go with it like a new burlap faux - burlap-tablecloth.com tablecloth and candelabra.

We're fixing the whole place again so when our daughter comes for a visit during her college break, she'll find the new arrangement, new furniture and new decorations very inviting. I also hope she'll like all of them.

Dealing with Hypertension

It's been several years since I was diagnosed with hypertension. I was not even 40 then. Lifestyle and bad eating habits and not to mention genetics have all played a big role in this condition that I rue to have today. Mostly, it's also because I haven't exercised when I used to, not eating very well and more importantly, I just didn't give much attention to my health when I should.

I have been on sick leave for 2 days now. I have mostly utilized my sick leaves for the current year and we just entered September. I don't know what repercussions this will bring to my career but I have to listen to what my body is telling me - I need a rest. I need a break. I need a vacation from the craziness of work, problems and blogging.

Hypertension is also a tricky condition. One moment you're all normal and then it shoots up like a rocket ship. Since Saturday, I was feeling dizzy and nauseated. My blood pressure gauge is broken so I couldn't take a proper reading for my pressure but I suspected that it was my BP that was causing my on and off migraine for the past few weeks. So I decided to go to the doctor yesterday, once and for all and have scheduled a blood chem (the whole nine yards!) to see what was wrong again. My suspicion was laid to rest when the reading came out for my BP. It was very high. The diastolic is more than the normal. A normal reading for adults is around 120/80. Mine was way over that and scary for a small built like myself.

The doctor scheduled me for a blood chem this morning so I am off again. I don't feel dizzy as I was the past few days but I am certainly very hungry due to the fasting. NO water, NO solid food until my blood is drawn and then back to the doctor again tonight for the reading. I pray and hope I didn't have other issues to deal with my health. I'm scared. My family has a history of maladies that contributed to poor health. But the doctor said, there's one thing I can do - lose weight. This time, I'm listening. I'm listening really, really good.

Closing My Beauty Blog

I am closing my beauty and fashion blog for an indefinite time until I figure out what I want to do with my blogging activities. It's so sad that from PR 2, it went down to 1 then to 0 and I somehow lost my blogging mojo because of that. Aside from losing it's page rank, I have also lost most of my sponsors and advertisers which help in paying my hosting plan and domain registration.

I love to blog but somehow my effort is no longer met with an incentive which is to also earn on the side. I have thought about this many times over but I have to shift my priorities to something that will benefit me and my family - my health. Yes, my focus will be my health now. I will still be blogging but not as often as I used to. I will still commit my 100% in product reviews, sharing my insights on current events, write stuff that I am passionate about and host giveaways when the need arise. However, for now, my main focus is my health and I have to get back on track on keeping fit and healthy.

I have been falling ill very often lately and it's not a joke anymore. It's time I put my blogging on the side while I put my priorities set for my health.

So, it's goodbye for now for my Red Lips and Pinky Toes blog. I'm not if I will reactivate it again but most likely, I won't. So, whoever wants to buy my domain, please message me. I don't know how to sell or transfer domains but maybe you do. Do let me know. Otherwise, it's going, going, gone.