26 March 2008

The Amalgamation of Lies and Truth

Human race has a nature of conjuring stories. The idle mind builds up thoughts and sends false signals to our subconscious making us believe stuff, accepting hearsay and actually engaging on lies. Everybody lies! Even 5 year old kids make up stories. All of us tell lies.

I have heard many, many lies in my whole life that when one person actually tells the truth; I cannot make out whether it is a lie or a fact. My immune system on hearing lies has already gone overdrive that my brain seems to refuse accepting the reality that other people do tell the truth, that there are actually honest people living in this world, in this present time.

I have psyched myself on the adage that “truth hurts.” I often avoid situations when I am suspicious of something and I have to find the truth. I seldom keep my questions cooking in my head for fear of getting hurt or being vulnerable to whatever I will find out. Oftentimes, this fear of knowing the truth behind my many questions has left me wondering endlessly, seeking for answers I do not want to hear, keeping to myself, shutting my door to the world of truth. This fear has eaten me up that I feel like being a hermit. I do not want to be in the open because I do not want to see the truth right before my eyes. However, my life cannot be restrained because of this fear of getting hurt, of being betrayed, of being left, of being lied to, of many things my not-so-strong-heart can ever fathom and accept. I have to face the world of both lies and truth because the two are synergy of what life is all about. It is up to me how I must accept the truth and lies surrounding my existence. One way or the other, all the people I know will actually lie, be lied to, tell the truth and get hurt. Whatever the case may be, life will surely move on in the midst of this amalgamation.

I surmise, the best way to deal with this is just to accept the fact that no matter how I make an honest person out of someone, that person has the right to be honest or not. My head will continue to filter every single thing I hear and will be cautious in revealing how I feel about it. Bad or not, this is the plain truth – that life will be a vicious cycle of both lies and honesty. Turning a blind eye will not help in solving matters; accepting will. And in parting, let me just tell you this – “truth does hurt and it hurts badly.”


  1. I think lies is just a natural part of human being. Truth really hurt but there is nothing really we can do even though we shield ourselves from knowing it.

  2. So true. I have long accepted the fact that people lie and some lie more than the others. But I always wonder why they have to lie. I feel insulted and hurt when someone I love lies to me, like I don't have the open-mindedness and the intelligence to understand and accept what it is he/she is going through. And like I wouldn't find out anyway. I have a 'radar' or an antenna that perks up when someone i love lies. :)

  3. Somehow, I can relate to this post. In my quest to be better (for myself and to others) i tried to accept things as they come -especially on friendship and in relationship with relatives or in-laws. In the end, there will be few who will pushed you to be the other side of the
    better me".
    Then, I came into reality, I can not expect people to behave and think as I do. Instead of forcing myself to change, I slowly moved AWAY -tried to be a hermit, too.
    Now, I have less friends, and, in as much as possible I shy away from events where I'll be rubbing elbows with relatives.
    I can not please them, I know. But, I think, it's better this way.


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