20 March 2008

Clay Art

My daughter has really developed her crafty skills by taking arts and crafts class from school. I am so proud of what her teeny-tiny hands can do with a stick of modelling clay. Recently, she presented me with her cute rock arts, now she created cute little clay things to put on our curio cabinet.

Here are her magnificent work of art:

This is her tribute to Easter Sunday - an Easter basket full of cute little colorful eggs. I did that little red flower with the leaves and the brown basket.

She took the handle out to take a snap of the little Easter eggs.

Since I love tulips so much, she made me these miniature clay flowers in a vase. The details of the tulips like the shape is quite remarkable considering that it was made by a 10 year old kid!Also, she made little fruit bowl filled with the fruits we love. Yummy treats!!!

The clay arts are nothing compared to the masterpieces of those who do this craft for a living like the creators of our (my daughter and me) favorite clay animation - Wallace and Gromit, but seeing her fine work is really something a parent can be proud of.

The last few photos are her collective clay arts. What's next for this crafty little person?


  1. Please tell your daughter her clay art is beautiful! She did a great job! Thank you for commenting on my blog and you are more than welcome to get ideas from my stuff. My grandkids and I always have so much fun making clay stuff together when I visit them. Hugs ~ Judy

  2. p.s. have you and your daughter looked at http://www.sculpey.com? There are a lot of great ideas there for clay creations. :)

  3. Thanks for that! I will check the site. The only prob is, in this place, not too many crafts store can be found. I don't even know where I can get polymer. Thanks again.......


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