10 June 2010

Save the forest one paper at a time

I am re-posting this since I have missed posting articles on the environment during Earth Day recently. Have a read :)

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I cringe at the thought of throwing re-usable papers in the office or even anywhere else. I always chide my colleagues (and even bosses) to save paper because if we are to equate the ratio of the number of papers we have used without remorse, it would be equivalent to thousands of trees. Imagine how many trees we have killed already by dumping those precious, Grade "A" papers? Urggghhh.

Since I am an environmentalist, I devised my own little ways on how to re-use the "used" papers.

1. Re-use the clean page at the back of the paper if it's only printed on one-side. Use it either as a things-to-do list or draft for another memo or doodle pad.

2. If you know anyone from the printers, send the bundle of used papers and have them cut in cubes and give as gifts to your friends (and even to your boss. That way, they'll recognize your effort to cut company's cost and preserve mother nature at the same time. You might even get a citation for that!!! Or a promotion...)

3. If the prints on the used papers are really good or colored even, use them as personalized gift-wrappers. I used some during Christmas and decorated the papers with nice colorful ribbons to put spunk. Viola! Your very own environmental gift wrapper.

4. I have guinea pigs at home so I shred some of the used papers to mulch. I use them as cage fillings combined with wood shavings so it cuts down the cost of having to buy plenty of wood shavings which is quite costly here. Your cavies will surely love you for your thoughtfulness. Not only that it's environmental-friendly, it's also "tummy" friendly for them.

5. Use them as chain banners or swags during parties or decorative garland for your Christmas tree.

6. Re-use them for your decoupage craft.

7. Crumple them and use as window cleaner to replace the rag. Just make sure you slightly moisten them.

8. If your kids are into arts and craft, give them the papers for origami.

9. Use them to wrap unused glass wares instead of the bubble wrap which is made of plastic. Do this only when you don't have to ship the glass wares somewhere else. This is for storing purposes only.

10. Use them as book covers if you feel like being creative and "different."

Please feel free to make the list long by suggesting more ways to re-use the waste papers in the office or at home. Give the trees the chance to grow. Make a difference - one paper at a time.


  1. hi ria! very useful ang mga ito, kami dito sa house we reuse the kids' term papers and projects, i compile them and i bind them. i buy the glue-like red solution at the bookstore, so parang pad paper din sya.

    i hope EC will reconsider your appeal, wala naman akong nakikitang pop-ups. have a great weekend.

  2. that's a great idea mai! mine, ginamit kong desk memo na cubes. i had it cut into squares and glued para di na ako bibili ng mahal na memo cubes.

    oo nga eh, i was quite bummed kasi i removed the pop up ads na and yet they still have not considered. siguro nainis na sa akin...hahahaha. have a nice weekend too. hope to see you often in my party zone =)

  3. Hi Ria, I love ur ideas here....how are u na?


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