20 April 2008

The After-Party

The party went well. I managed to silence the fluttering butterflies and saw familiar faces so it was easy for me to go around and chat with them. I met a couple of people in the same company as I am and managed to exchange pleasantries without feeling awkward. Everything was smooth.

The ambiance was remarkable with soft music to accentuate the nice glow of the chandelier. Too bad, I missed to take photos so I can post it here. Food was super. I was on a beehive on the desserts area... =)

All in all, I rate my experience with a 7 (10 being the highest). I was not disappointed at all and my worse fear did not happen. I thought I'd get stuck on a wall for the duration of the night and I ended up laughing my guts out with the other people.

I guess, I'll be in for another ride next year. Perhaps, I'll buy a fancier dress next time!


  1. After the party.... after the party.... hmmmppppp.... syempre maraming liligpitin kalat hmmmpppp!!!

  2. Si Uncle talaga...it was held in one of Dubai's finest and poshest hotels...I forgot the name..sarap pa ng food!

  3. I always get stressed up when I go to a party hosted by someone I don't know. So many faces, names and occupations to remember! At least you got a nice dress out of it, right? :)(Btw thanks for droppin by my site.)

  4. Hi Ginger,

    My pleasure. I'll visit your site again soon. I do love dressing up but not partying...hahahaha. The only perk you get when you party is you get to buy nice clothes!

    Have a great day!



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