26 April 2008

Blog...Blog...Blog some more!

I never thought I'd be so hooked on this blogging thing. It's like a major hunger pang I have to satisfy. I have been blogging for more than 2 years but never really took it seriously until my 2 uncles (thanks Uncles Boy and Onting!) prodded me to join a blog service to meet new people, interact with them, get new ideas and simply put your passion to where it belong - the blog world.

I love to write. It has always been a penchant for me to jot down notes even when I am at work. I am known to be the "one" who will take down notes on everything. My friends often tease that I should be writing report for the police as I give everything in detail. I often volunteer doing research and collecting data for my report. This is what I want.

Writing has made a big mark in my life even when I was young. I jotted down my emotions of happiness and sadness. I wrote down unsaid feelings. I wrote down special occasions. I scribbled plate numbers of people who cut me on the road (hehehe...). I noted names of cab drivers when I take public transport. I regularly write to family and friends. I just write everything that is important in my life. I have notebooks here and there. My pen holders are bursting at the seams! I write anywhere I can write to, bubblegum wrappers, back of used papers, tissues, sides of newspapers and even the palm of my hand! These just show how writing has been a part of my colorful life from childhood to the present.

Since I started this blog site, all I did was to sit down and tinker on the laptop. I am practically glued on the chair from work to home! My family has to pry my behind just to get me to do other stuff. If I have a choice, I will not sleep and just write, write and write some more! I look forward to long weekends where I can ponder and blast away writing my blogs. This blogging activity has really taken so much of my time. I am very thankful to my husband and daughter who are very supportive of me because they know I enjoy doing this. Same goes to my family who encourages me to pursue my dream to write. I have a feeling that my hubby is more than happy to see me at home blogging than drive to the mall and engage in retail therapy. Everybody will agree to him on that one! Friends are asking what I get out of this blog thing. My reply - it feeds my soul.

I am blogging more often now than I was before but I still know what my duties are as a parent, wife, daughter, sister and a friend. I still allocate time to do the usual things that I do like hearing mass, shopping (once in a while), chatting and meeting friends over a cup of coffee. I guess I am still a regular Jane in that sense. However, blogging has now become one of my "natural" activity just like brushing teeth. =)

I will be in the blogging scene for as long as I can and while my brain juices rev up my thinking machine; I'll be blogging, blogging, and blogging some more!


  1. I love the blogging too! It is kind of my escape and fun. I love meeting all the other bloggers and enjoy your blog so keep blogging!

  2. Aims Rementilla30 April 2008 at 03:51

    Hi Ria,

    Finally I get to visit your famous blog site! Well, well, well, you're really one hell of a writer, perhaps you could try writing novels or detective stories, or something ala J.K. Rowling, what do you think? I'm so proud of you, my dear kumare/friend,you've finally found your calling, that is to be a blogist (if I may call you that, hahaha). Arice is one talented and smart kid, it's in the genes, coz her mom is a genius! whoa! okay, that's only an intro, just want to tell you how much we misses you here (me and jona)! Keep it up!!! Love yah!!!

  3. Blogging makes your braincells work! It gives you the opportunity to express yourself and put things in writing.

  4. Hi ria, I'm addicted to blogging as well. I even started 2 more just recently. Oh well, it's better this way. Keeps the mind busy so it won't grow old. =)

  5. I so know what you mean! I am inlove with blogging too and has made a couple of nice friends like you through blogging.

    And it's true I am more at home now too. I spend less time shopping and I think in that sense blogging would be a better option for our husbands, right? Blogging is a free form of entertainment and sometimes we could even earn from it;)

    Have a great weekend!


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