19 April 2008

Cocktail Party

Oh boy, I have to go to a party tonight and I have these butterflies in my stomach fluttering so wildly. I know, I know... My blog is named It's My Party...ladidadida... and yet I am not a party-goer. I have never fancied parties at all unlike my husband who is so much of a party-goer. He seems to immensely enjoy the company of new people. I tend to be a wallpaper on such events. Hence, I don't like parties.

What's a cocktail party anyway? According to Wikipedia, it is a party where cocktail is served, and people are dressed to the nines. I reckon that it's a socializing party where you meet new folks and get to exchange pleasantries. It's also a place for merriment.

I know, I know... I do not like parties like my husband does but I go where he goes, right? So, in the spirit of camaraderie and being an able follower (hehehehe....just kidding!), I will go to this cocktail party and try my best to enjoy. As a matter of fact, I am "slightly" excited because I get to buy a new dress! Not a fancy one, something I can wear again on other casual occasions. I just hope I don't end up getting stuck on a wall like a wallpaper does!

Wish me luck!


  1. Be an ice breaker sa party... hindi yung tagatibak ng yelo ha... I am not a party-goer, too. Most of the time I had to pass, ayoko kasi ng plastikan ek ek ek!!!

  2. Same here Uncle pero sometimes I have to accept invitation at baka matype-cast na ako as "anti-social" hahahaha....Also, I get to buy fancy clothes...hehehehe


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