12 July 2013

How to Thwart a Raging Bull

-- This is a repost. I have written this many moons ago when I was still in a different department. Things have changed recently. And as I recall how much I have been motivating and reminding myself how wonderful life is - I stumble upon this post I have written with humor. For those who can relate, I hope the tips below can help you recover or at least deal with the situation and the perpetrator. For those who are blessed to enjoy the peace and quiet of being at home full time, share this to those you know who can apply it in their corporate lives. Enjoy the read!  --

Best answer to this is to run! Run for your life! Kidding aside, there's nothing more enraging than someone crushing your spirit especially if you've gotten up on the right side of the bed.

I woke up with a bright outlook in life one fine morning, smiling my blues away, looking forward to another day and screeeeeeeecccchhhhhhh..... wait a sec! What just happened? It's like a dream sequel and suddenly you woke up like someone threw cold water on your face. Yes, that happened to me at work. Again, no details will be spared but the crux of the matter is, some people just ruined my day in a fraction of a second! Wow, that's Guinness Book of World Records there for you!

I was upset the whole day because:

1. I felt hurt.
2. I was treated with disrespect.
3. They ruined my sunny-side up spirit.

One thing that really pulls my nerve is when someone is sarcastic when spoken to. My point is, I speak to you kindly, then answer back with the same respect given to you. Isn't that the right thing to do to people? Was that so hard to do? I mean, to be kind? Golden Rule. Golden Rule. Golden Rule. I can't stress that enough.

After that event one fine morning, I thought of presenting this tips on how to avoid raging bulls in the office:

Here's one:
Look the other way. Try to avoid eye contact. You'll never know when he or she will pop your eyes out. ;)

Here's another:
Try to become invisible for a day or at least until the rage wears down. If you need to relay a message or have important matters to discuss with the raging bull then go through the assistant, if he or she has one. I just did that. If I could fold myself into several folds, I would have done that so I could put myself in my own pocket!

And another:
Play some funky tunes to cast the blues away. Music is like a therapy to calm my nerves. Just don't play heavy metal, head banging, ear drums crashing music or it will make you more upset. Tone down with a good "zen" like music or easy listening stuff. I played "Amazing Grace" in my head over and over until I cooled down. Another music which calms my nerves is blues/jazzy tune. Never disappoints me at all.

Last trick I tried:
I offered a prayer. I was scared of losing it too because I just gave them a reason to ruin my composure. Well, they actually did but to give in to such negative feeling is something I will not subject myself to. I owe it to myself to be happy and happy I will be. Bulls or none...

So, there will be another day again and this will be my prayer:

"As I enter the work area Lord, please give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference...and while I am at it Lord, please don't make me too strong because I might just throw them all away." hehehehe Just kidding Lord. =)

(photo courtesy of: www.yesnet.yk.ca)


  1. Overwhelming post ... When I read the title, my imagination brought me to Spain--the toreros, that you're so indulge in such an strenuous and grueling fight ... I admire the way you attach humor ... Keep it up!!!

  2. I got rid of one of my flatmates because he is into this rock rock rock music. Alright, he plays guitar very well, but for heaven's sake, he's 55, at his age, he should be listening to music other than this deafening, squeaking sound krrrkkkkk krrrkkkkkk uggghhhh! I threw him out of the flat.

  3. Read my entry about toxic bosses. It's more difficult to deal with supervisors, who don't appreciate your contributions. And the toxic term goes to office colleagues, too, who are selfish and full of pretentions, especially the "itiks". Wala naman suso, epal nang epal.

  4. Wow that must've suck so bad. I don't remember having such a colleague before but I've had my fair share of inexplicably bad clients.

    It's great that you kept your cool and even come up with a blog post on how to deal with these "raging bulls".

  5. Aor - well, sometimes I need to be comical or else I'll have wrinkles all over my face thinking about these stuff =)

    Aka - goodbye and good riddance for him then...hehehee...sometimes you need peace and quiet too. I don't know why other people don't get it. Hmmm?

    Uncle - Ay naku Uncle, you said it. Mga blankblankblank kissers. Hahahaha! Madami din dyan? hehehe? Nagkalat talaga sila.

    Ginger - I can feel you there. I must have heard all the curses known to men while I was a travel agent. I had my share of wacko clients. Goodness, they really tested my patience to the max! I need gazillions of re-load! hahahaa...

    Thanks to all who left comments... Have a nice day!

  6. i guess, the older we are, the more calm we respond to these situations, i too don't respond with a raging bull to a fire thrown at me, i wait until all the fire goes away, and if I feel it is necessary to address it, I would after, but if I feel it's pointless, I just move one and say a prayer. I have learned not to put so much stress on myself by accepting others stress thrown at me.

  7. haha, i admire you for your composure and for not throwing them all away. Composure is something I don't have when I was younger, and my hubby said I always have someone and a reason to fight with. Oh, wait, I'm the raging bull, haha! It's just that I can't keep my mouth shut when I see something wrong done to me and others. But now, as I grow older, I have mellowed down, choose my battles a little more, and keep my thoughts to myself. For the sake of hubby, baka pati sya mapa-away. :D


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