17 April 2008

I signed up for PPP!

My family and friends keep asking me why I love to blog. The answer is always simple - I love it. I have been blogging for 2 years now but not in a regular basis until my uncle prodded me relentlessly to make it a regular habit. I was, "sure, ok, whatever..." He even reprimanded me for not using my talent into good use. Things changed when someone we know started earning for the posts she makes. It was a great awakening since it is my passion to write.

I have read about PayPerPost on the blogs I frequent and I am so honored to be a part of this blogging community who, not only recognizes talent but gives opportunity to writers everywhere to get paid by blogging . To me, that is a very altruistic thing to do.

I am thrilled to be a blogger. I have met wonderful and amazing people of all walks of life writing about stuff they are passionate about. I have come to know more of other bloggers' hobbies, countries, cultures, petpeeves, lives, and so much more. We may be from other countries with different cultures but in the blogosphere, we shout in unison - blogs!

Let me take this opportunity to thank PayPerPost for this wonderful chance to showcase my talent and be able to reap rewards. I am looking forward to my first pay from PayPerPost with the same enthusiasm I have felt when I earned my first pay check. I have not thought of any particular thing to buy yet but I will definitely fatten my bank account. That is for sure. Thanks PayPerPost for bringing the nice feeling of earning money from your hard-earned labor. I salute you PayPerPost !

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