08 April 2008


It's wee in the morning
I still cannot sleep
I can't understand something
I don't know how to keep.
My sight is blurred
My thoughts are spinning
But my head is thinking
Am I getting absurd?
Another sleepless night
A thought without a sight,
To break this nasty plight
Will be just right.
Good night.....

(photo source: http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/thisweek/2006/dec/images/sleepless01.jpg)


  1. May I suggest, this might be a relevant cure for insomnia ... Please click this.

  2. Oh, that was cute =) How did you do that?!? Galing!

  3. This is original! Very well worded!

    just don't stay too late blogging and don't drink too much coffee to keep you awake ha ha ha!!!


  4. Oo nga Uncle... too much caffeine I suppose! I'll sleep early tonight! No blogs muna...hehehehe

  5. My friend had a very bad experience with a roommate na may insomnia. Kakatakotttt. He woke up one night gulat siya dahil right in front of him ang kanyang roommate may hawak na kutsilyo ugghhhh!!! He immediately changed room assignment.

  6. Father Time is catching-up on you... In short, tumatanda ka na. Hehehe!! It's a known fact that as we grow older we tend to sleep less.
    Worry and anxiety can also delay sleep.
    Or maybe your cerebral cortex,a region of higher brain functions, is highly active during night time...
    Another is the new phenomenon we are all suffering, the "blogger syndrome" (i just coined it here)...words, thoughts, ideas, beautiful lines, etc. are constantly flowing in our mind.
    I suggest that you always have a pen and paper(s) nearby...


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