12 April 2008

Just say No

I don't understand why it's so easy to say "yes" in all occasion for any favor asked but too difficult to refuse one. This is one perplexing phenomenon of human nature - saying no.

Family and friends often tell me I just can't say no to anything and I always get in trouble for that. I thought I'd never learn until this one instance in the office that really pulled my last nerve. I will not go into detail and it was nothing really serious that would result to a "pink-slip-on-your-table-the-next-day (wink!). I was just being a good Samaritan to someone who needed help and ended up being blamed for the mistake and the boss would not hear any from me. The term you call for that is scapegoat (yes! Poor, nice me...) Talk about tough luck. After that incident, I taught myself to evaluate things first and then say no if I would get in trouble. I felt a little awkward at first because deep inside I knew I wanted to "genuinely" (I stress that) offer my aid but I would often pause and think million times whether I should open my mouth and utter "yes." I think swiftly before the adrenalin rush get the better of me and right there and then, the word comes out - no. I did it! I finally said it! Wow! It felt great and somehow a thorn is taken away from me. The first few seconds after saying that is the weird part because you see the reaction of the other person. I need not explain why I had to say no because it's my prerogative.

I am still the ever helpful and dependable person that I am but more wise. I still go out of my way to offer my assistance to people who "genuinely" need it. In the office, I am more guarded because predators are out there to get you. They ask for your help and when you do engage yourself to lend a helping hand, they bite you. They make you clean up their mess like how Pontius Pilate washed his hands after sending Jesus to the cross. It's so unfair to people like me who loves to help others. I get duped in the process.

So, I don't regret learning how to say no. Actually, it's one of the best things I have learned in life so far. I have to say no sometimes for "self-preservation" lest I become a prey. I still believe in the cosmic power of karma. I know that He knows my sincerity when I help people and I'll stick to that. However, while some people (with ulterior motives!) are still plotting to enlist my assistance, here's what I have to say: No, Laa, Nein, Non, Nao, Geen, Het, Ingen, Nahi, Hindi. Comprendo?


  1. It's a BIG NOOOOO to say, no, for me, too.

  2. If you want to practice saying, "NOOOOOO", then watch the movie, "The World History - Part 1", and enjoy the way Madelein Kahn belts her "NOOOOOO"!

  3. This is my gravest illness I think. I never learned until now how to say no. What a sad thing for me. I've been abused many times because of this but still I never learned my lesson. Too bad.

    This is such a great post...:)

  4. Wanna say "NO"? Dont say NO now. ;)

    I had the same prob upto a last few months. Now, I say it. But, rather in a reasonable manner. How? I followed some tips which I hope would help you out as they did to me.

    They may appear impractical when you read them. Have them at the back of your head always for some days, and there you are, pronto.


  5. realy nice..yar..bet it is offten mouth open to say...no than yes in this world...."hi...can we link r blog yar..if iu wish ping me...yar..i will no it imediately..yar..my blog http://kunthan.blogspot.com do post comments..yar..."

  6. heh. i always say no 1st.. so i want let the expectation too high..
    Chronicles of Trisna


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