01 May 2008

The Midnight Owl

The Midnight Owl
by Ria Cervantes

Alone in the forest
One summer night
I took the needed rest
And there is nary in sight.

The moon was shining
As I stared on the sky
Many thoughts are running
Was this solitude worth the try?

Hooo, hooo, came a sound
I wondered who was on the prowl
And was surprised on what I have found,
On a tree, perched the midnight owl.

Hooo, hooo, "You are alone, I see"
Said the owl to a restless me
"I want to leave my worries,"
The midnight owl nodded to agree.

"And if I may ask?" I said to him
"Why are you here?" I asked.
"I have been alone in this forest rim,"
"The peace of the silent night is mine." He added.

The midnight owl looked so content
Perched on the branch, where he was meant
I continue to lie with my own laments
As I try to comprehend where my life just went.

In the silence of the night the wise midnight owl has said
"Child, just throw worries aside
Your fears cast away like mold
Live your life with hope."

With that, the midnight owl flew.
The wisdom spoken I never knew.
Left alone in silence, I have learned
Life's great lesson from my midnight owl friend.


  1. Wow, you really have the acumen of writing poems! What a talent? Those presented metaphors can be translated into several hypotheses. May I?

    What if the "I" is me and you are the owl; of course, I will ask you to stay. What if you are the "I" and I am the owl; I will stay longer, I will answer all your questions and queries, but I won't ask you any question, and sure, I won't ask you anything. I would rather be contented looking at you. That is the purpose of my eye as an owl ... What about you?

    When I took up my English Literature in college, as I can recall, it is a fact that romanticist and poets are inseparable, both always characterized the author ... I'll keep that in mind...

    Well that's enough ... Remember, it's only hypothetical...

    Wish you enjoyed your poetic and romantic weekend …

  2. Hi Aor.

    *Blush* I'm turning pink now. hahaha. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night with words floating in my head and I jot them down and I end up with this.

    You can actually interpret this poem in so many ways as everyone would please and no interpretation will be considered incorrect, right?

    I never knew I was a "poet" hehehe, but am very romantic...ask my hubby...hahaha.

    My daughter is asking me to write a poem about friends now. Let's see what my brain juice will spur this time. Stay tuned....

    Thanks for the analysis Aor! You always give me a good insight...


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