24 April 2008

Miniature Yummy Treats

My daughter has improved a lot in the arts and craft department. I am so proud of what her teeny-tiny hands can do with the clay. Ever since we discovered a good brand of clay - Sculpey (thanks again to Arstyclay), she's been into modelling of small stuff.

Here are some of her recent project - the mini-clay treats (consist of sundae cones, donuts, hamburger, fries, onion rings, sunny side up & scrambled egg, tacos, pizza and a hot dog). Mouthwatering!

I wonder what my daughter will do next?


  1. It was so lovely, bonding with kids at this stage are the finest moments of every parents’ life. I missed those days, but when they are grown ups and when they feel (only feeling, and not the actual case) they are already fully in-charge of themselves, anything parents’ say will be just ignored unless with due insistence, this is according to my own experience, and I don’t know with the others. Maybe I'm so liberal and tolerant ...

  2. Wow! They looked so real. Your daughter is very creative. I guess, I'll try this with my niece.

    Her tiny hands have a promise of creating a master piece.:)


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