24 April 2008

Shirt Speak

My hubby has always been fascinated with catchy shirts showcasing spoofs of brand names, "unquotable quotes", and comical graphics. He gets the shirt mostly from novelty shops in Manila and Bangkok. They're not pricey like the branded shirts we buy at Guess, CK, DG, Diesel, Benetton, etc. The quality is not as good but they have a certain catch. People just can't help having second glances looking at my hubby's shirt. I'll let the shirts speak for themselves.


and this one's my hubby's fave shirt. He even wears this with me around. I just close my eyes and wish that people won't notice. There's no getting out on this one! Naughty =)

Also, a blog pal of mine from Blogcatalog specializes on novelty shirts. If you want to see more of his work, please visit Tim's Sogeshirts site at http://sogeshirts.blogspot.com/.


  1. I love these T-Shirts, I am a fan of the message shouting type of tees. Living in HK where loads of them are on the market, too many that I can ever wear but like to buy them for 'just in case'.
    Sometimes I am too much of a chicken to actually show off the message on the T-shirt ;-)

  2. Hello FG!

    I always believe that YOU carry your clothes and not the other way around. So next time you have a very nice "shout-out" tee, just close your eyes and go out... Let the world see how fabulous you carry your t-shirt! Let me know when you do...hahaha...


Thank you for your comment.