21 May 2008

Clay Art - My creations!

It's my turn to feature my simple clay art creations. I used Sculpey baking clay (Glow in the dark kit) for these projects. Have a look!



Moon and Star


  1. Those are very nice creations. I like the Smurf one. Never missed their cartoons once upon a time... First time I'm here and I dropped by via Blog Catalog. Anyway, I noticed that you do memes and I actually have a weekly Love Q meme at my poems blog, if you are interested to link up some friends and have some fun every Wednesday. The more people join in, the merrier certainly. :)

  2. Hi Jade,

    Thanks Jade!

    Hi Aud,

    I love Smurfs too. I used to watch that cartoon show when I was younger. ..many moons ago. =) Sure, I'll visit your site and will join your tags. Honestly, up to now, I still don't know what a meme is. Is that also "tagging"? Thanks for the comment!


Thank you for your comment.