05 May 2008

Left, Signal...Right, Signal...BRAKE!

Driving in this country is never a breeze. Errm, let me re-phrase that... Driving in this country is a nightmare. Yes, nightmare during the day, even more at night. It's practically a nightmare 24/7, well, 24/6 because Friday is mostly day-off for the rest. So, I'll give Friday a credit as the best day during the week to drive around this place.

Why did I say it's a nightmare? Let me count the ways...

1. People don't seem to know the use of that lever beside the steering wheel to indicate movement to the left or the right of the lane. They just change lanes like nobody's business. It's like they are the kings of the road and they can do whatever they please.

2. Some people just cut you off without considering the impact of their "impaired" judgment to you and the other motorists.

3. The traffic is like a tied-knot. It moves on a snail-phase. If in case you live far from the city, you have to wake up at least around 4:30 a.m. to catch the bus by 5:00 a.m. if you are commuting. However, if you are driving, you need to leave at least an hour earlier than usual to get to your destination on time.

4. Most drivers are impatient. They keep flashing their blinkers at you even if you are abiding the speed signal and even if you are on the slow lane. The reason you are in the slow lane is because you are slow. Some "feeling-they-own-the-world" just can't stand being behind so they flash you endlessly so you'd speed up. Hello Mr. Impatient Man! The speed sign says 60 kph!

5. They don't know the traffic rules: like giving way, right-of-way, yield, changing lanes on broken line and strictly no change of lanes on straight lines, using hazard lights properly, full-stop, partial stop, proper use of the emergency shoulder...oh, I can go on and on on this one.

6. Relative to number 5, you are not supposed to use the emergency shoulder to overtake, but here... your guess is right. They treat the emergency shoulder as "one-of-those" lanes.

7. Some are big-time show-offs. They use the thoroughfare to showcase their Bentleys, Ferraris, Porsche, Hummers and all the luxury cars you can think of, yes, they flamboyantly ride them and speed like hell-raisers and make their tires cry bloody murder! You can see a lot of tire tracks left on the road because of these people. I have no words to describe them...

8. The ones with the darkest tints and the shortest name plates own the road. Period!

9. Drivers are not considerate. Perhaps I'll give it 80-20 ratio. 80 being the hot-headed ones and 20 being the zen-like drivers who'll just pray they come home in one piece.

10. Here, those who have been driving in their own countries for years will take even a longer time to get licence than those who just learned to drive recently. Getting a licence is like winning a lottery and oftentimes you wonder, "how the heck did he/she get a licence?"

People, please, pretty please, be a conscientious driver and respect the other motorists as well, including the pedestrians. Dubai is becoming a haven for manic drivers. I feel sorry for myself and for those who are careful drivers because no matter how defensive we are in driving, other drivers will still find a way to cause us harm.



  1. yameeeennnn ... yazaaarrrrr ... skritttzzzz .... booom .... wasak ang brand new car.

  2. Mumtaz! Mismo Uncle... my stress level has soared to a scary height since I started driving here. I used to have a very nice crowning glory, now, my hair is falling out of stress due to these manic drivers. Hay!!!!!! =)

  3. You can say that again! I had all the opportunities to enhance my driving skills here, but noooo... noooo .... noooOOOOOOO!!! wayyyyyyyy!!! I don't want to become a victim of unjust ek ek ek!!! (censored).

  4. Maybe you just need to be a Danica Patrick-like way of driving. BTW, have you ever experienced changing tires. Versatility of such is crucial to driving. It is truly a must.

    OK, be careful in driving and enjoy ...

  5. Hi Aor,

    I think I'll just drive an "armor" truck...hahaha.

  6. haha.. I like this Ria.. I think I should take seriously now of considering Hummer.. heheheheh... makes me feel safer...


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