17 May 2008

The Other Half Of Me

I remember going out with friends on group dates while I was still available. I used to have dinner with pals and their boyfriends and being single then, I felt left out. I felt something was missing which I just could not point out because I didn't know what it was and that a part of me was not complete. However, I would go to the malls alone, eat alone in restaurants and felt the curious looks (those side glances...you just knew there were eyes on you...) of people around me. I thought there wasn't wrong being alone and able until I got married.

I got married 11 years ago and since then, my life has never been the same. I no longer view myself on a "me-me-me" situation but on a "we-we-we" basis. What I used to think of fun while I was single is not in my vocabulary anymore. I used to be independent and self-reliant. I could do things on my own without asking any guy for help. I suppose I was just too independent then. Now, being married to my husband for a long time has given me a better understanding of what co-dependency means and how two, totally different people, can actually live with each other, raise a family, have fun and do things together in a better light.

Marriage is all about that anyway, the synergy of two bodies, two minds, and two hearts. Now I know where my other half is...


  1. So, the best thing to do is to keep that other half in a safe place in a secured manner and never, never loose it. Once it was lost, you will panic in looking for it.

    Particularly if somebody hide it to you on purpose.

    Cheer up, I'm just kidding!!!

  2. =) If I can put my other half on a leash, I'd do that...LOL!


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