30 June 2008


I am such a big fan of dogs especially when they are still pups. This particular pup is a unique one because...

He was born last year of May in Odate, Japan. He's one of the litter of a long-haired Chihuahua of the dog breeder Emiko Sakurada. What makes Heart-Kun (his name) special is the special heart-shaped mark on his coat. Isn't he so cute?


  1. awww! he's so cute! oo nga heart shaped ;) we also have a dog, a shih tzu. he's name is lokii.

    i voted for you again ;) thanks also for support MLC ;)

    bukas ulit.

  2. hi mommy liz!!! thanks for the votes...vote ako din sa iyo eh.. feature mo naman si lokii... i love dogs a lot!


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