23 June 2008

Lay out make-over for me please....

I have been pondering day in and day out about how to change my layout to something simple and well...organized. Not that my site is in chaos, it's just that, I have no idea on how to manipulate those htmls, xmls code. They are just way, way above my head...harharhar!

Anyway, Carlota of Dashing Smiles nominated me for a free layout and would greatly need your support and votes. Please check her site and vote for "It's My Party." The other nominated sites are really great too.

Thanking everyone who will support me in advance!!! Hope to see a new layout for this site soon too... =)


  1. Hi Ria! I voted for your site. Goodluck!

  2. hi..voted for you...good luck.. ;)


Thank you for your comment.