05 June 2008


Surprises, whether pleasant or not (of course, I'd rather get the pleasant ones) are the least of my favorites. I have never been keen on such because not too long ago, I got a surprise which changed my life forever. It wasn't the kind of surprise one would like to get especially while at work but just like what a surprise is intended to be, it just came. That surprise was a bad one, one that I'd wish I never had been bequeathed by the Higher Force.

Few days ago, I got a phone call. I normally don't pick up calls in my mobile from numbers I do not know nor listed in my phone book. This one call was different. I was at work when the mobile rang and I just glanced and thought, "Hmmmm, who might be calling me this early?" I answered and the man on the opposite line was a pleasant guy asking how I was and I asked how I may help him. He told me, "Oh no, how (the name of the shopping mall!!!) might help you" and he laughed a little. I asked why. Then comes the nice surprise. He told me that I won the raffle. It wasn't the major prize because that was yet to be drawn! hahaha... However, I won a cash prize and no matter how small the amount was compared to the major prize, the fact was, I won! Yey! I thanked the Lord and called my husband and daughter right away to share the news because it's not so often that I get calls like that. Now, that's the kind of surprise I'd desire to have...


  1. Wow congrats girl! I have never won anything in raffle draw or any contest in the outside world of blogosphere;D .

    I wish I can win the lottery though...Hmmm maybe I'll check the latest draw if I won anything.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Jade! I wasn't expecting it myself bec I was waiting for the call for the grand prize! hahahaha... Check the lotto, maybe you won already..balato!

  3. hi added you already please check here...



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