06 June 2008

Tag Time - Favorite Organizing Tip

I got tagged by a blog friend - CinnamonScraps! This time, the tag is about organizing stuff. So, I am sharing this to my great blog pals and see how they organize. Just add your link under the last entry and paste this on your blog. After that, share the tips and tricks up your sleeves on how you organize. Let it roll!

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The Organizing Tip Meme
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1. Post your favorite organizing tip on your blog and tag 3 other bloggers
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More Great Organizing Tips:
1. http://lifefrommylaptop.com/2008/05/20/favorite-organizing-tip-meme/
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My organizing tip:

Living with people who don't seem to take my organizing skill seriously is a such a feat! Everyday, I come home like there's been a tornado in the house. Books scattered on the floor, toys thrown everywhere, arts and craft materials here and there... Argghh! I cannot concentrate looking at such mess so I bought my daughter boxes to put her stuff into like toys in one box, arts and craft on the other. As for my hubby, since he loves to just leave socks everywhere (and wonder next where his supply of socks went...), I bought color coded small pails - white for his socks and pink for mine and my daughter.


  1. thanks for the tag, I will post this later. Have a great weekend!

  2. it's good you joined entrecard now. btw, i have a tag for you. here's the link:


  3. Hi Chi!
    Thanks for the tag again. I'll post it next Friday for my usual Friday tags!

    Hi N!
    No worries... Have a great weekend too! Oh, work tomorrow already in this country! Arggghhhh!!!!!

  4. The pails are a great tip. I truly believe there is a sock monster that devours half the socks in our house!


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