09 July 2008

And Away He Goes...

When I was younger, I used to tie my Barbie dolls on party balloons, you know, those ordinary helium-filled balloons. My Barbies would actually "fly" for a while and then, thump! Well, in reality, I didn't know that this was possible to do until one Kent Couch of Oregon, USA decided to tie his green lawn chair on 150 giant party helium balloons and "flew" for 9 hours covering 235 miles (approx 370 kilometers) and landed on a farm in Idaho on 5 July 2008. Now that's what you call unique!

If only Manila is not that far...tsk-tsk-tsk!


  1. ria, ano ngapala ang username mo sa shared reviews? message mo ko ha.:)

  2. hehe, at balak mo pa palang gumamit ng balloons huh.


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