28 July 2008

Goodbye our dear Sheepy

Letting go of someone, even a pet, is so hard to do. We were not ready to say good bye to Sheepy but deep inside I knew we had to. My heart is not strong enough to face losing someone and I categorize my pets in that area too. Sheepy had to say good bye this afternoon. What's more heartbreaking was the call I got from my crying princess. My daughter has always been a strong kid. She doesn't cry in front of us. I have not seen her cry because of someone nor something. She's just steadfast unlike me. I wear my heart in my sleeve.

I know this was inevitable. The moment I saw his condition last night, I could tell it wasn't good. I tried my best to give Sheepy the comfort even for the last few hours he had. I guess it was his time. I never knew why he suddenly got ill when he was only 1 year and 2 months. He was our dear, gentle cavy.

I don't know if I did the right thing by giving my daughter pets to take care of. I was just teaching her how to be responsible to another living thing. I know that giving her company in the form of our 5 guinea pigs will make her a compassionate and responsible kid. I didn't mean to expose her to this kind of reality. I didn't want her to see the pet suffer and worse, die under her watch. I feel so hurt seeing her cry. Last night, she fell asleep crying and when I came home from work this afternoon, she was crying again and this time, all I could do was to assure her that our Sheepy is in heaven now sans the suffering. At her young age, I know it will be painful to accept that the pet you have taken cared of will one day leave. She still has to grasp the concept of life and death but I hope I did the right thing by giving her pets to love and care.

My heart is breaking right now. I just hope I will be able to console her with the fact that she gave Sheepy the best love a guinea pig could ever have.

So long Sheepy, sleep tight. We are happy that you have been a part of our lives. You will be missed.(Sheepy: May 3, 2007 - July 28, 2008)

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