20 July 2008

How Do We Lose The Pounds?

Well, I have been into a "yo-yo diet" for few years now. I have tried Atkins (it worked for a while but I went astray.....lack of discipline! I'm guilty of that.), South Beach, have taken tea bags which claim to make you lose weight but honestly, the opposite happened. I just got fed up of losing and gaining the pounds.

So you might wonder, how do we really lose the pounds after all? Based on my experience, the best way is to just eat healthily and exercise, exercise, exercise. Yup, it's not an easy task but with hard work and determination, you will absolutely see the results. I have, by far, lost 5 pounds already by eating 5 smaller portions of meal a day and on time. Meaning, no skipping of meals. When you feel hungry, just eat. I have incorporated exercise in my life now. I go power-walking on Thursdays, pilates on Fridays, and jogging at least 3 times a week. It would be fun to ask a friend to tag along so you can gossip while burning fats! Hahahaha, just kidding, of course I do not gossip! It's just fun to do something with someone who has the same goals/objectives as yours. I have few pounds to shed and I am in no hurry to do that. I just love the fact that I am back in shape and enjoying every exercise I do. Maybe you should try it too?

So, before I go, let me share this small trivia on exercise: when you exercise, your pituitary gland releases endorphins..it's a biochemical compound which is a harbinger of "happiness" in your body! Also a pain-killer...No wonder I am always happy! Hahahahahaha.....

Good luck and keep moving! Exercise your way to being slim and trim.


  1. wow! congratulations! i am also struggling on losing weight... so far.. i have lost 3 kilos in almost a year which i am quite happy coz i don't have time to exercise, i just lessen my rice intake especially at night. I am always thinking of doing workouts but i can't find time... S^_^S

  2. exercise is really fun, especially when you do it friends, and you're right the chismis makes it more fun hahaha. i just wish i can go back to working out.

    see you on tuesday! *wink*

  3. this post is nice ria...am so lazy to do exercise..but i really NEED to.. hehehe..

  4. Hi Ria! Effective sa hubby ko ang south beach diet. If you have time visit mo sbd site ko www.passionofmyeyes.kadyo.com . May mga pictures ako dyan ng sbd meal.

  5. buti ka pa, me i'm so lazy to exercise. kaya eto pataba nang pataba. saka ako na pa panic pag umabot ako nang 60 kilos.

  6. I so need to lose weight too according to my ob-gynae if I wanna get perganant soon. I am 56kls...I wo nder how skinny I must be to qualify.

    I wish I had gal pals too to work out with.


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