03 July 2008

I have a secret

Gotcha!!! Aren't we all curious about unlocking secrets and finding out the truth. Well, I just thought of getting your attention so you'll pass this article along and that will drive traffic to my site. Clever eh? hehehe.

Ok, let's get the ball rolling, shall we? I have been desperately trying to lose weight for the past __ years. I was typically skinny during my younger years. I could eat a pint of ice cream everyday and I wouldn't get fat. I tried different kinds of multi-vitamins to boost my appetite but I remained in the ectomorph side. Now, I am trying so hard to reverse my physical state. I have been jogging like crazy, eating properly now, not skipping any meals, avoiding sweets and white bread, taking the stairs instead of the lift. You name it!

So, do you want to know the 3 fat burning tricks you can do to hasten your weight loss? Read on...

After exercising, we tend to have a very hefty appetite. Sometimes we gorge on unnecessary snack to "treat" ourselves for a job well done. Well, I am guilty of that sometimes. Most days, I can control myself but leave a brownie lying on the table, I may just find myself nibbling on that too...I know... What a shame? hahahaha. When we work out, our bodies release a hunger-boosting hormone called ghrelin. It is meant to control our bodies from losing too much too quick. So, to avoid this:

1. Snack first, Sweat later
This doesn't mean, right-after-you-eat kind of thing. Give yourself at least half an hour to digest the food you have taken or an hour if you must. According to Liz Vaccariello, the editor-in-chief of Prevention, "exercising on an empty stomach lowers blood sugar, which can increase your appetite..." Try a pre-workout snack like yogurt or banana instead.

2. Jot down your food intake
Well, I have been doing this for the past 2 years and can actually vouch for the times when my eating pattern is at its worst. I realized that I eat too much when I am upset or stressed out. I cringe at the sight of this entry I had a year ago:
"Date: xx-xx-xxxx
BF: tuna sandwich with double cheese + 1 frapuccino
LU: Rice with chicken topping + choco slice + choco shake
DI: Lasagna + diet cola"

Shiver me timbers!!! When you look at that entry and you're trying so hard to lose weight, would you still want to eat? I have already corrected that bad pattern. Now, I know better.

3. Drinks lots of H2O (okay, that's water for you in lay term)
Studies show that people who drink plenty of water have decreased their calorie intake by 200 in a day. Liz also tipped this: researchers in Germany found that drinking "ice" water a day can raise your metabolism. Well, if that is the case, then I will drink an entire ice bucket for that!

(source: Liz Vaccariello, Prevention as taken from Shine Yahoo)


  1. i need this article...(lol)...
    hi ria!!! nice post...dami kailangan nito i think..hehehe..those chubby ones like me! ;)

  2. hi chubz...naku kapatid! you are not alone...hahaha. whatever i know na will work for everyone who is well-endowed, i will definitely share to all... desperate na nga ako sumeksi so i can wear skimpy clothes again...chika!!! joke lng... hahahaha. feeling ko lng maging sexy ulit... ;)

  3. I love these tips because they are easy and practical! GReat!


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