05 July 2008

My first BLOG Award!

I can't believe it when Mommy Liza of Mommy's Little Corner awarded me with this:

I am truly grateful to be considered as one of the recipients of this nice, warm, and fuzzy-in-the-heart award. Thanks Mommy Liz! You don't know how much this means to me. Kisses and hugs to you...

Now it's my turn to pass this wonderful award to great blog pals I have met in this great blog world.

Judith (Artsyclay)
Mommy Web
Uncle Bay

I'm still feeling giddy because of the excitement! Thanks again Mommy Liz!


  1. you're welcome ria. you deserve it ;)

    hehe, wag ka na malungkot kung natalo ka. me next time pa naman. did you know that i bought the layout for moms... check nyo for $15? pwede na di ba.

    thanks for voting. *hugs*

  2. Thank you sweetie! I see you're at it again! - Love Nards

  3. hey girl, thanks for this "gift". =) Tapos na ba yun layout contest? I just voted today and you're still there.

  4. hi chi,
    ninominate ulit ako eh...di na nga ako nagvo-vote kasi feel ko di naman ako mananalo...hahaha. ok lng, i'll just buy pag-uwi ko and i'll have a major re-vamp on my blog. baka mag-open din ako ng isa pang blog on fashion and shopping...what do you think?

    mommy nards,
    you know i won't stop pestering you about these stuff, right? =) just kidding....

    mommy liz,
    your site is good. ano nga po yung site ni vhiel so i can check it out?

    hugs to all!


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