02 July 2008

Nice wave to Bloggerwave!

A different wave has hit the town! I'm not talking about tsunami but a wave that offers great opportunities to bloggers and advertisers all over. It's Bloggerwave!

Bloggerwave gives every blogger out there to have the chance to grow with them by taking in members who wants to make money out of their passion and that is to write blogs. Likewise, companies or business folks can sign up as well to generate opportunities to the bloggers to buzz about their products and services.

Great things happen when you have the passion to make it happen! I always believe that and with the passion to write about things and stuff that I love the most, it's just fitting to at least enjoy the fruits of your labour, am I right? So join now. Let's all make wave with Bloggerwave!


  1. congrats ria! go get those $$$ hehe.

    i wasn't able to come here earlier but i'd like to let you know that i voted for you earlier ;)


  2. I agree with you about passion and also to stick to your blog theme. Sharing about Norway, I do the best I can :-)

    Btw: Thanks for the shout at BlogCatalog - I'm fine.... and you?

  3. hi renny..everything's ok my end.

    hi mommy liz.. no worries! your visits and e-love drops are more than enough to let me know you care.. hugs!


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