08 July 2008


Ok, that's my article's title - Opps! I didn't create a contest for my 100th post which I missed because this is my 112th already. Much as I want to start a contest because I just reached a milestone, maybe I'll push it tad further, say "my 500th post?"

I'm still generating mega-entrecard points so I have no credit to spare at the moment and what's a "party" without the party prizes, right? So, dear friends, I'll create a contest when I reached my goals:

1. Earn 10,000 AND MORE entrecard points (and if you want that to happen sooner than soon, then drop your entrecards on my site... . And this is shameless promotion for my party eh!)

2. Learn more about giving out blog contest (I am such a newbie so I want to know more about this nice activity. I am open for great suggestions so leave a comment here or message me in my chat box)

3. Locate "willing" sponsor/s to help me carry out my contest (whatever I will come up with based on the suggestions I will get or if I wake up tomorrow morning with a fresh perspective on that)

So, one might ask, "What's in store for me if I sponsor you in your contest or if my suggestion gets chosen?" My honest to goodness answer is as sincere as it can get: You're forever a valued "party guest." When I say valued, if you have Technorati, I'll fave you, if you have entrecard, I'll make my e-drops on you, if you need my votes, I shall do so with open heart. I know, I have no tangible stuff to offer but a good friendship (and perhaps a nice "pashmina" or 7-Sands of the U.A.E frame will be a good party favor) and support will abound!

Let me know what you think folks... God Bless!


  1. Hi Ria!

    I'll be willing to sponsor some ECs for your future party. Just let me know when. :)

    Cheers to more and more posts!

    BaReFooTeD Me

  2. hi ria!!! wow! congrats. i am not sure how many posts i have already. i dunno how to make contests either. lol

    good day dear!:)

    and yeah, thank you for the friendship.:)

  3. hi ria..congrats for your 112th post..invite mo ko sa party..hehehe..

    join din ako kung may pa-contest ka..yehey!! ;)

  4. Hi KCee!!!

    Thanks a whole bunch! No, make it thanks a million!!! I'll keep a tab on that offer... Yey!!! But I need help and suggestions... di ako marunong nung mga pa-contest eh... Nga pala, nag-vote ako sa iyo dun sa layout contest...hahaha. I don't think I'll win =)

    Chubz and Posh,
    You two will be a part of the "party"...

  5. Hi Ria,

    No problem! I haven't hosted a contest yet, I just sponsor so I'm not really familiar with the mechanics. But hopefully I can launch my own one of these days. :)

    Btw, have a great vacation! You'll surely miss the shawarma, dates and Arabic bread for a while. Will you? hehehe :P


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