25 July 2008

The party's ON!

The party hostess is back! Well, not quite because I have a major revamp to do on this site so I may still not regularly post for the next couple of days. I have been mulling for a new template and have already collaborated with a good blog pal - Agi of Grumpy Cow for a template that will speak for my site and myself. This will be revealed very soon!

Also, this blog will be know as the "It's My Party" though I am not dropping the extras but will appreciate it really if you will update your blog roll with the appropriate name. My new domain name now for this blog is WWW.RIABLAHGS.COM. I have decided to take this move to own my name but is still under the able hosting of Blogger.com which I am very pleased to say.

So friends, please update your links of It's My Party to indicate my new website www.riablahgs.com

I'll be seeing you in the "party" soon!

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