04 July 2008

Tag time - The Slamma Tag

Time to destroy your keyboards mates! Just kidding.... I got this tag from a new blog pal - Chubz or A Chubz Life.

= Start =-


1. Mention the person who tagged you and create a link back to them.
2. Copy paste from -= Start =- to -= End =-.
3. Slam your keyboard, until a suitable text appears. (gently or hard - its up to you) Then link your site to the text that appears.
4. You can slam as many as you can and link as many as you have.
5. Continue and don’t erase the list. Lets try to make the longest list ever.
6. Tag as many as you want.

The Slamma Taggers:

1. hnmjh
2. fgfg
3. tyjhjhjk
4. hjfd
5. kjmmjkj
6. hjhj
7. fddffc
8. gio'hrE
9. KM,BN

10. rcuvehu

11. vruwhh

-= End =-

Ok, the next destroyers of keyboards will be:


Uncle Bay
Ate Anna


  1. thanks for this tag, girl. will do it this Sunday. hey, malapit kana bumalik sa pinas. c u soon. =)

  2. LOL, what a cute tag, thanks for thinking of me! Happy weekend. :)

  3. Alakazam! You’ve been invited to join the Magic Lamp of Luck meme by the Genie Princess! Come join the fun!


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