31 July 2008

Texting - Is it a bane?

I am not an avid texter. I do use the service SMS once in a while especially when I am saving my load. I would rather call the other party to get my message across because it is easier and precise. You get to explain what you really want to say clearly by just talking to the other party you wish to contact. Also, I don't talk nor text while doing another activity and here is why:

Doctors have warned avid texters to text at your own risk. A lot has reported to hospitals due to sore thumb, broken/twisted ankles, bump on the head, suffered minor injuries due to a fall, and all these have been related to texting while walking, running, cooking and even while riding a horse.

People should use a lot of common sense when they text while doing another activity. If you think you are multi-tasking or maximizing your time, think again. You may just end up in the hospital. So, still want to text?

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  1. lol, sa pinoys uso yan kasi yun ang mura hehe.

    i have a tag for you

    have fun! ;)


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