14 July 2008

Vacation time!

Yey! I have been waiting for this moment since I had my last vacation leave ;) Hahaha. I just can't wait to leave this place and head home for a nice R & R with my mom and daughter. Hubby's staying here because we'll have our annual family trip to Italy when I come back.

My heart and soul is already aching for home. I have been thinking about this trip to Manila for ages! Tomorrow is the flight back home. It's not a long leave though but no matter how short the leave is, it's still a vacation leave I won't trade for anything else!

I have already set my publishing option scattered to the days while I am away. I may pop in once in a while to check on the blog scene but then again, just forgive me for not replying to comments yet as I'll be busy shopping ;), malling, catching up with family and friends and simply having R & R.

So, I'll be checking in again after 2 weeks. Until then, keep leaving your nice comments, greetings and wishes in my blog! I'll be happy to respond the soonest I settle again after the leave. Ciao!!!

Manila, here I come!!!!!!! Mabuhay!


  1. hi ria...enjoy your R&R in Manila...mabuhay!!!
    take a lot of pix.. ;)
    and you can talk about it here in ur blog when u come back..
    have fun!

    take care...

  2. have a great vacation see ya soon.

  3. Hi friend! Have a nice R & R! Sorry for not being able to pay visit before you left. We're on vacation, too. we're in the Garden island of Kauai and we'll be going to Maui this Friday for another week.

  4. wow! holiday!!! enjoy it and i will be looking forward for the pictures :)

    anyway about the minne mouse blouse check topshop in manila they have a lot f selection of disney characters :)

  5. Hi Ria :) Yes I'd love to design a new template for you. And yes all my templates are for the new blogger. Please email me to let me know what colours you like, how many columns etc. pspagi [at] gmail [dot] com.
    Have a great holiday!


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