07 July 2008

What? Another Award for moi?

I really believe that when it rains, it pours & opens floodgates too. I received another "sweet home award" today from a new blog pal - Posh Post.

I am really blushing now. My family and friends always "claim" that I am "sweet." Now, with the same award in a row, I am beginning to believe them.

I used to check other bloggers' awards gallery and ask myself when I'd be presented with one. I guess my prayer has been answered. 2 Sweet Awards from 2 equally sweet people! Hugs and kisses Posh and Mommy Liz!

I am passing this award to Ate Anna, Crissy, Chriss and Tricia, 4 remarkable moms I know.


  1. oh that's nice ria. so i guess i didn't make a mistake in choosing u. thanks for doing this again dear. :)

  2. Thanks for the award ria!

  3. hi ria...
    first, thanks again dito sa award.
    second, teary-eyed ako while reading your comments...huhuhu.
    may sagot ako dun sa comments mo sa blog ko..read it na rin ha if you have the time.
    thanks thanks thanks soooooo much for the friendship. (super mega drama na naman tau here..hehehe)...mwahzzz.


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