29 August 2008

Back Home

We're all back! It takes so much to say this but, "it's good to be home." The trip to Munich, Germany and Milan and Rome in Italy is worth taking and every money spent because we have had a good time.

Munich, Germany is such an amazing place to visit. I love the weather prior to the change of season. It was cool and breezy even at noon but quite cold at night as the temperature dipped to 15 degrees Celsius which for us was already cold (considering the weather here in Dubai, anything below 18 degrees Celsius is considered cold!). We joined the Hop-On Hop-Off city tour bus so we saw much of what Munich has to offer in a day. I'll be posting pictures here later.

Our stay at Milan was just 2 days and had limited time to roam around. We went to the Duomo (Mariae Nascenti church) and the Vitorio Emanuele Galeria which housed the luxurious boutiques. We posed at some of the statues around the area like Leonardo Da Vinci's and Parini's.

Roma...the glorious city of Italia. I love this place a lot. We walked around to reach the various scenic and famous tourist spots of Rome. The weather was hot and humid just like that of Dubai. I had an instant tan!

All in all, the vacation was great and we will surely be back in Europe. We are eyeing Greece before our visa expires this November... or Venice...or Vienna...or Amsterdam. We're still undecided as we will plan this when the long Eid holidays come. Ciao!


  1. wow, sarap naman. I haven't been to Europe. In fact, I haven't been anywhere except Hongkong and Thailand. Welcome back girl!

  2. We could've been in Munich at the same time this summer. :) Dropping by through EC.


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