31 August 2008

The Traveling Family

I don't know if you can call it "coincidence" or just plain "compatible" but from my hubby to my daughter, we are all travelers. We love seeing new places, staying in hotels, nature-tripping, visiting malls, driving around and taking flights. We love the feeling of excitement building up as the plane descents to our destination, that fluttering of butterfly wings in the tummy in anticipation of the forthcoming vacation, the things we will see and buy, the people we will meet, the culture we will observe and so much more.

This recent trip to Europe has opened so many windows of "perception" of how life is on the other side of the planet. We get so engrossed with our daily routine here in Dubai that a new culture to observe is a tempting treat to take!

We try our best to learn each of the countries we visit their rich culture and the norms of life. Back in Munich, we spoke to several Filipinos and learned that life is not what it seems. I won't specify though but makes me say a little prayer and be thankful that we are blessed in many, many ways. We didn't just hear one story of a fellow "kabayan" (fellow Filipinos in English) but we heard more from others in Milan and Rome and even in our holiday in Paris.

The trips we take are not just for whims because we have the privilege to do so but since we do, we grab every chance we get to see other places and learn more. It's a good learning experience to my daughter as well because she gets to appreciate the blessings she has.

So, we, the traveling family will continue our journey to far, away places, wherever our imagination carry us...

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  1. same here! my family loves to travel [budget permitting].

    We do a lot of road trips, visiting different parks/places here in Canada.


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