15 August 2008

Breakfast Rules

Who amongst you are breakfast-skippers? Raise your hands! We are too caught up with the moment and the demands of our daily routine that we miss to give time to the most important meal of the day - the breakfast.

Skipping breakfast can make you eat more later that day, lowers blood sugar level, affects mental performance and concentration, among others.

To combat the ill-effects of missing breakfast, here are 4 simple rules to remember about having breakfast to achieve good health and even a whittled waist!

1. Commit to have a time for breakfast.

It may be hard at first because now you have to wake up earlier than usual to prepare and have a decent breakfast meal. Make it your goal to have breakfast as an automatic habit. Eating breakfast daily will put the sugar-cravings and low blood sugar level at bay.

2. The sooner the better.

For best results, try having breakfast within an hour from the time you wake up. This also applies even if you are not hungry. Remember the first rule.

Morning-time low blood sugar produces a brain chemical which disguises hunger pangs which will then unravel during mid-day. And you don't want that!

3. Complexity is the key!

By this, I mean complex-carbohydrates like whole-grain cereals, oats, high-fiber fruits, etc. The fiber keeps blood sugar on an even keel and helps you feel satisfied longer.

4. Power up!

Yes, you'll be needing those protein too! Add poultry and a little meat on your meal for your protein in-take.

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