03 August 2008

Does it matter?

I am pretty sad and a tinge of hurt because some web site administrators said that I do not have enough traffic in my site to be eligible for their membership. The other site even mentioned I was a "fake" (SUDDEN PAUSE.....I need my Zen moment on the last one....10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1). I say, what? Prior to changing my site into my own domain, I managed to garner a "page rank 3" in the span of 5 months. I think that was such a good feat! And what's with that fake thing? I remember posting my pictures in this blog and I don't recall those being another person than I, ME and MYSELF.

I knew the consequences of losing my rank and starting from scratch again if I change my domain but I pushed through because this was what I wanted, a name of my own. In fairness to Blogger.com who has been very instrumental in hosting my blog up to the present, I felt it was high-time to move forward with an identity I can claim.

Actually, 3 sites gave me thumbs down in their membership pool. Technically, I was already a member of the other one but just had to update my blog name and presto! I was nipped in the members list. I asked myself though, does it matter? Having a rank and all? I mentioned before in my earlier post (Blog...blog... and blog some more) that I will be doing this blogging thing for the sheer joy it gives me and so be it. Ranked or not.


  1. oh wag ka na maiinis, kasi you're site is so new. changing to your own domain makes it new. start ulit sa umpisa, give it a month, tingnan mo ma-a-approve ka na sa mga yan.

    thanks for the greetings ;) i saw the pic, hehe, ang pangit ko duon hahaha.

    happy monday ria!

  2. oo nga mommy liz...ang wrinkles!!! hehehehe...it's ok.

    kaw naman, you don't look bad ha. sabi mo lng yun.

  3. Wow that sucks. What gives them the right to say your site is fake. I would say who needs them. There is other site to join out there. I dont have a rank yet either.

  4. Hi Mare,

    Hay don't mind them, do whatever you want to do, blogging is for one's own satisfaction anyway, having your own domain named after you is such a big thing already, that's feather in your hat, ranking is boring! love yah!!!!

  5. Thanks Bill! I was just a surprised that I'd be dubbed as a "fake" hehehehe! Like I always say, what the heck?

    Aimee dear...I'm so happy for the words of encouragement. I am always reminded that whether I get a rank or not, paid reviews or not, it's the innate passion that counts. Mwah!

  6. sounds like reviewme...I submitted my two blogs with pr3 4 months ago to reviewme and I got the same msg as you did....I dont understand it why they are like that....so I tried to submit my two blogs that is not a domain and no traffic also but they accepted it..sounds wierd doesn't it?

  7. don't mind them, as long as you're happy with what you're doing and you're not stepping on others, live as you like!

  8. mjsterling - that's rather weird? what are the basis of their approval anyway? hmmmmmm?

    anya - you're definitely right. i am blogging because i love to write so i shall continue to do so whether i gain a rank or not.

    thanks for all the encouragement! God Bless everyone...

  9. relax ka lang my dear...ang puso mo. better luck next time na lang. i had a pr3 as well before in less than 2 weeks balik zero. hindi ko maintindihan paano nila binibigay yang pr na yan.



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