03 August 2008

Dubai's Revolving Tower

Dubai is booming on a rapid phase. This place is known for being the first to construct an entire village via reclamation on the Arabian peninsula - the Palm and then another first which is the construction of the mini World on the sea again, first place to have the only 7-stars hotel which is the Burj Al Arab. There's another grand plan in the pipeline and this is the Revolving Tower which will turn 360 degrees, giving everyone a different landscape every single day. How would you like to wake up one fine morning with a different view of Dubai? One moment you are staring out straight to the Emirates Twin Towers and next thing you know it, you are looking on the other side of the city towards the beach. That will be a nice experience perhaps.

A friend sent me this simulated pictures of how it's going to look like once completed. It is complete with it's own car garage and lift for the cars! They said, the revolving action will generate electricity for the building so it won't consume electricity, much to an environmentalist's glee!

(photo source: a forwarded email)


  1. Hi Ria! I posted this in June. Here's the link.http://www.mynewhorizon.net/2008/06/first-shape-changing-skycrapers.html

  2. I was in Dubai at the start of the year and it's amazing how it's growing so fast!

  3. Hi Cely,

    Thanks for the comment. I had this article written as far back as late April but had it posted recently. It's good you posted an article of Dubai's first revolving tower as well in your site. It's a free way to promote Dubai place ;)



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