28 June 2013

The Fruit with the Highest Antioxidant

It's not the blueberry but it's a berry too. It's the Acai fruit; an indigenous fruit of the Amazon rain forest which is also a berry but darker in color than the blueberry. The freeze-dried berry has more times the disease-arresting anthocyanins of red grapes. The good benefits of having this fruit are the following among others:

lowers bad cholesterol level
chock-full of Vitamins B
inhibits inflammation
fights off arthritis
boosts energy level
fights depression
supports weight loss
improves sound sleep
improves mental clarity/focus
strengthens your immune system
helps improve patients suffering from leukemia

(photo from squidoo.com)

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  1. this is a nice info..how about ganoderma ria? do u know something about this so called "spirit herb"? this herb/mushroom has lots of benefits too.


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