05 August 2008

LASIK - The Safe Vision Corrective Measure

I am thankful that I have been blessed with good eyesight, 20/20 to be exact. However, a member of the family had suffered before with a terrible eyesight which required her to lessen activities at night as she had difficulty seeing clearly and had to wear high-graded spectacles to enable her to read and do most of the activities people with normal vision would normally do.

Last 2001, she decided to undergo LASIK treatment. Back then, it was not quite known and people were very dubious about the procedure. Who wouldn't when your eyes were involved? After several appointments, consultations and evaluations, she passed everything and was treated.

What is LASIK and how safe is it? Here are some LASIK information:

LASIK is a modern eye vision corrective treatment involving the latest in laser technology. A lot of astronauts and pilots undergo this treatment to be able to carry out their duties and fulfill their objectives. Although LASIK is surgery, it is painless and a swift procedure carried out by highly-trained eye specialists.

Not everyone can be a candidate for this procedure due to criteria to be met. It is wise for the candidate-to-be to do a little research on LASIK and the hospitals and clinics offering this modern treatment.

Eye treatment and corrective measures have evolved through the years. People who squint and have vision problems can now live their dreams through this fast and safe method - the LASIK treatment.

Oh, before I forget, one might ask how is my family member now, years after the LASIK, her response is a resounding "Never been better!"

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