01 August 2008

Movie time - WALL-E

My daughter and I have been raving about this movie since we saw it on the trailer when we watched Kung Fu Panda several weeks ago. My hubby has gladly obliged to take us to the movie today since it's weekend. We took the first screening and we're all glad we watched the film. The main character, Wall-E, reminds me so much of the famous E.T. or Extra Terrestrial which was shown while I was still in grade school.

My family is a huge, huge Disney fan. We just love their movies and cartoons and theme parks well so it's already a given that we'd see this film. Wall-E is a sci-fi, comedy of Disney and Pixar about a lonely robot who discovers something new when he came across a search-robot named EVE. The adventure began when EVE found the key to the planet's future.

Cast of the movie:
Ben Burtt as WALL-E
Elissa Knight as EVE
Jeff Garlin as Capt. McCrea
Fred Willard as Shelby Forthright, CEO of Buy N Large Corp.
John Ratzenberger as John
Katy Najimy as Mary
Sigourney Weaver as AXIOM's computer

Some teasers of the movie:

(all photos are from Yahoo movies courtesy of Disney/Pixar)


  1. Me and my kids want to watch that as well.

    Btw, i have a tag for you in my main blog. Added you as well http://www.scatalan.com/2008/07/12-words-tag.html in that site.


  2. I am waiting for this movie to open here soon..in August!

  3. weeeehhh... I want to watch this too! especially that one of the creators of this movie was a Filipino.



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