20 August 2008

On Blog Leave...AGAIN!

The travel bug has struck again! We're off to Europe and won't be back until next week. I'll try to squeeze in blog-time if time do permit. Let's see about that.

Anyway, I hope to be able to snap scenery and post them here when I come back. Bear with me while I catch up on the blog world as I am still in a daze from my last vacation leave in Manila.

Keep the comments and messages pouring and oh, drop me those entrecard-loves as well and I'll be very happy to return the favor when I am settled back and that won't be long!

So, tuh-tah for now again!


  1. hi ria! hope you're having a great time in europe :) pagbalik mo me tag ako sa yo, hehe



  2. Europe is really beautiful and now is a great time to visit because it still has the summery atmosphere- in other words people are cheerful and friendly;)

    Gute Reise! Buon viaggio!


  3. hi sis, sarap mo naman. have a fun trip and yes, I'm Catholic. Not practicing though =)

  4. vacation na naman???!!!!
    enjoy your trip. be safe.

  5. Ciao!!!
    Thanks for all the well wishes!!! We're back safely and had a very, very good time. I hope to go back there by November when the weather is cold.... I'll be checking your blogs in few days while I settle back to reality...hehehehe.............

    Grazi! Danke...


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