16 August 2008

Sweet Persimmon

One fruit that I cannot live without is this sweet and succulent persimmon. It's also known as Kaki fruit in the orient. The appearance resembles that of a large tomato with a translucent skin of light yellow-orange .

This fruit has many health benefits because it is rich in iron, Vitamin A & C, calcium and potassium.

It thrives well in areas with moderate winter and mild summer.


  1. i haven't seen a fruit like that.. mukhang apple yung loob. meron ba nyan dito sa Pinas? hehehe anong lasa nyan???

  2. masarap sya! it's like mango, chico, papaya, a little of peach and apricot...halo-halo pero masarap... di pa ko nakakakita nito sa pinas eh. try looking at rustan's gourmet shop.

  3. kelangan pala madami akong baon pag napunta ako sa manila at kelangan ilista ko yung mga hahanapin ko... at kakainin!!! hahaha TC!

  4. We have this fruit tree in our yard and it bears fruit like crazy! Now they are still green but I am going to show it to you when they are ripe.

  5. I have seen this fruit several times in the supermarket but never dared to try it sis...now I think I will.


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