02 August 2008

Tri Noma Mall

Malls are like second homes to me . I remember having a big fit at the height of my pregnancy just because my dear hubby wouldn't take me to the mall. Guess what I did? I ran away! What can i do? I am a mall rat! Malls are big magnets set in the centre of the universe. They just draw me closer and closer to where they are. To prove my point, we have always lived near or at least, walking distance to the malls. Another point to prove I am a mall rat was I was still fresh from having a terrible case of jet lag and lack of sleep and had a short nap but the next day, I went straight to the mall. Yup! The mall, but this one is not just the mall, it is THE mall. It's Tri Noma. It's quite near where I stay so we headed off to my new hang out in town - the Tri Noma.

Such an odd name for a very nice, big and slightly posh mall in the heart of Quezon City. I remember the spot where Tri Noma is as a barren land intended to be used I guess for the Metro Rail depot. I was surprised to see a "2nd home" imposing its presence to me. It's not a very far drive from where I stay. In fact, it was just a mere minutes from Caloocan to there.

I liked the location a lot. We got lost around the mall because I was too busy to check out the boutiques inside to even notice the sign boards. I must have asked several folks in the concierge on where to locate this and that.

The mall has a centre plaza where people could just sit on the mini-steps. I think they use that area for programs or events. It boasts of posh boutiques and shops like Aldo, Fruits and Passion (yes!!!), Debenhams (uh-ha! That Debenhams from UK!), Guess, Promod (one of my fave fashion store), Mango, and Lacoste. There is Landmark Department Store which sells nice merchandise at very reasonable prices (just don't think of the VAT!). There were more available spaces soon to be open for the public. There are cinemas, fast food outlets, fine restaurants and coffee shops and a nice garden on top near the ubiquitous Starbucks. We had a snack at Cafe Breton (specializing on nice French Crepes) and was surprised to see "fog" coming out of the garden! They even simulated a steam-like fog so you get to feel how close you are in nature while dining al fresco! Haven't seen that anywhere in the malls in Dubai and other malls I have been to in other countries. This was a first for me.

I say, this mall is one of a kind. I like the way it looked so simple but elegant at the same time and it has most of the shops I always frequent to back here in Dubai.

Here are some snaps of the place! I was unable to take so much pictures since I was shopping around ;) Enjoy...and shop `til you drop. Literally!

Below is the atrium area of the mall with a great fountain display.

My princess posing in front of the atrium of Tri Noma.

This is the 2nd level of the mall. Notice the big pink bag? Inside are my loots!

For more pictures of Tri Noma, please click on this link. Thanks Joel for letting me use your personal pic of the very awesome Tri Noma Mall!


  1. I LOVE malls too! It looks beautiful and you are hysterical!

  2. Thanks Heidi! What's a girl got to do in a place such as this??? Oh bliss....shopping!!!! How's your little squirrel?


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