13 August 2008

Wednesday Anime - Candy Candy

This is one of my all-time favorite cartoon. I watched this cartoon series while I was around 10 or 11 and never got to finish the series because it was just pulled out abruptly by the tv station showing this very wonderful and poignant story of a young, orphan in a tiny orphanage in Lake Michigan. Her name is Candice "Candy" White. Her fate changes when she met her "Prince of the Hill." Later on, she meets Anthony Brown who becomes her "young love" and a boy named "Terry Grantchester."

The story was written by Kyoko Mizuki.

(photo from www.comune.modena.it)


  1. wow...candy candy!! super tagal na nito ah...alala ko liit pa ako yan ang favorite cartoon show ko. ehehehe...

  2. super fave ko ito chubz...as in, may i cry pa ako when anthony died...hehehehe...miss ko na nga ito eh.


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