02 August 2008

Wednesday Anime - the initial write up

I am an anime lover. Well, not exactly that avid where I can tell who is who. I love Japanese cartoons especially the old ones like Candy-Candy, Voltes 5, and others which titles I have forgotten already. I grew up watching these old Japanese anime and up to know, I still remember most parts. As a tribute to my growing fondness on Japanese animation, I will be featuring anime trivia every Wednesday. So, if you have any anime characters in mind who you would like to be featured or would like to know more about them, do let me know so I can scour my treasure box of Japanese anime ;) A word of caution though, I will not be featuring animes that I deem not worth featuring. Anime lovers out there will know what I mean.

Watch out for some anime trivia in this space very soon!

Domo arigato gosaimasu!

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