06 August 2008

Wednesday Anime - What is Anime?

Anime or animation is commonly referred to as Japanese animation. Japanese people have such affinity with animation be it English or French, Disney cartoons to the famous Naruto.

This anime comes from manga or the Japanese term for comic books catering for the Japanese businessman to the housewives at home, down to the kids in school and teens out there. Some animes are rather violent with a very mature content. Those type of animes are marketed in a different way by video sellers all over the world. I would stick to the wholesome animes like Candy-Candy (which is my ultimate favorite, see pic on the left) Kiki's Delivery Service or Howl's Moving Castle, which by the way was released as a movie.

Just a word of caution to dear mommies and daddies out there, just because it's anime, it does not mean for children, OK? Check the rating too before you buy one or rent from the nearest video store. Stick to the general animes like Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Voltes V.

(photo from Wikipedia)


  1. tnx sa comment ria.sabi ng husband ko, siguro dw matanda lang sya tingnan. ganon??? :D
    nga pala, fanatic ako ng Anime!!!

  2. naku Marly, that's nice to hear that you hubby was cool about the comment. hahahaha. oh i love anime! my daughter is a "converted-anime" geek...hahaha. yun yng tawag sa amin ng hubby ko eh, the anime-geeks =) whatever he meant by that?!?


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