16 February 2010

Why I Love our Pets!

I am re-posting this. I can't get enough of my sweet Millie. So, this is in honor of all the pets who have come and go in our lives. Just few reasons why we love our pets so much. Enjoy the read!

Pets are normally man's best companion, not just dogs, but pets in general. I grew up in a house full of pets and I have always loved them. I took the responsibility of taking care of them while I was young and I am teaching my daughter the same responsibility.

Why do I love pets? Let me count the ways:

1. They don't judge you. They just love you for who you are and that's unconditional!
2. They lick your worries away.
3. They are so cute and cuddly no matter the shape and size and color they represent.
4. They are warm and fuzzy.
5. They follow you as their master but loves you just the same.
6. They know who you are even from afar. No introduction required!
7. They make me smile.
8. They listen to my whines and woes. They listen to my laughter and tears.
9. They keep me company.
10. They are beings.


  1. Hello there! i got a pair of lovebirds, and Arowana fish that had grown to about 20 inches.She's being kept in my 72 gallons aquarium. I like your post specially the part"They lick your worries away".

  2. Great post Ria. I love my dog and my girlfriends cats. They are such great company.

  3. I really do love animals and keep pets ...the ironical thing is , I don't have any right now. But once we got a "real" house (coz we live in a condo right now), I will really get one.

    This reminds me of one woman I saw on TV and these are exactly what she said why she loves pets more than humans.


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