22 September 2008

Bienvenuto Italia! Milan - Part 1

Bienvenuto Milan! Here are some snaps taken during our recent trip to Milan, the fashion capital of the world!

The plaza at Duomo.

The Duomo - the 2nd largest cathedral after the St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican.

See the vast nave and pillars. Simply breath-taking!

Going around Milan by train...


  1. Wow that cathedral looks amazing!Lok like you guys had a wonderful time.

    Hey dear,have something for you at my blog, drop by when u have the chance.


  2. I love your stories about the places you have been to! I sure hope Milan would be added to the list of the places I already have visited -- !

    I know you have received several awards already but being one of the sites that I love visiting and you being the first person who has ever commented on my blog (thank you!) I know that I am not making a mistake in giving you such!

  3. nice pictures!

    i want to travel the world too like you but for the meantime i'll just visit your site more often its like travelling.. :)

    thanks for dropping by comments on my baby blog. il see you around! take care..

  4. thanks sisters for the comments and thanks too for the awards (Enid and Jade!) hugs to all!


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