02 September 2008

Day 2 - Blog Tripping!

Ok, so now you know how much the gasoline costs here in Dubai (approx AED 6.25 per Imperial gallon). Being a nation rich in gas and crude oil, the price is still affordable compared to the soaring prices of gas elsewhere around the globe.

As much as I want to save on gas by walking, we live in the suburb and going to the supermarket cannot be done on foot due to the extreme weather here. It can be as hot as 50 degrees Celsius and I may just collapse on the road if I try to walk. So, I drive around most of the time but I try to do this in one go like I run a lot of errand in a single day as much as possible. I pay my cards, go to the grocery, drop the laundry and pick up some nice stuff from the mall in a single day. I hate to waste gas and this is the least I can do to help nature. I would love to use a bike but then again, drivers here are "maniacs" so it won't be advisable, especially for a lady like me. I'll stick to driving my SUV then...


  1. I hate driving, I try to walk whenever I want to my husband thinks im crazy. Gas prices here in the UK are ridiculous, so thats my excuse.

    Thanks for the visit btw. Cool blog :)

  2. grabe, 50 degrees. di ko yata kaya yun.


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